Outreach Adventure

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August 17-21, 2016

Outreach Adventure, or OA, gives students the chance to explore the area surrounding Hamilton while bonding with eight to ten other new Hamilton students and two upperclass group leaders. Activities may include serving in a meal program for the homeless, working on a Habitat for Humanity construction project, helping with a summer program for local refugee children, or performing environmental service work.  OA Participants will get a chance to explore the nearby city of Utica, home to a large refugee population, multiple ethnic restaurants (we'll have a dinner out!), a beautiful art museum. one of the country's oldest family-owned breweries, as well as several other OA and XA trips, which will make for some great social gatherings through the week!

Trips planned for 2016 include:

  • Arts Outreach: Do you think the arts are vital to our communities?  Would you enjoy helping arts organizations further their work?  Many of our local arts organizations are understaffed and underfunded, and they need our energy and imagination!  This trip will travel to a variety of visual and performing arts spaces (Players Theater of Utica, Sculpture Space, and others) to help them prepare for successful seasons and complete back-burner projects.  "Camping" indoors at a local community center or church.
  • Construction and Rebuilding: This construction-minded service experience is a chance to help build a house for a family looking to break into the often elusive world of home-ownership, or to renovate a home for a low-income family or individual. We could be putting up drywall, painting, landscaping, roofing...who can say? There may also be other small construction projects at different area non-profits. Indoor camping in an area community center or church.
  • Community Farming and Food Justice: Students will travel to community farms in Boonville, NY, and then on to beautiful Wellesley Island to volunteer their time and to learn about the process of providing fresh, healthy foods to populations that lacks access to them. This will be a mildly active trip that will explore the issues of poverty, health, and environmental justice. Outdoor camping.
  • Cornhill Community Building (Issues of Hunger and Homelessness):  Along Eagle Street in Utica in the Cornhill neighborhood, there are several human service agencies: Hope House, a free meal program for the homeless and hungry; Abraham House, a hospice care facility for the terminally ill; and Emmaus House, a homeless shelter for women and their children. This trip will involve various service projects among "Hospitality Row" agencies. "Camping" indoors at a local community center or church.
  • Service Smorgasbord - Utica Edition:  Find out about a variety of service opportunities in Utica while getting to know your first Hamilton friends!  This trip will involve a mix of experiences - from working with residents at Upstate Cerebral Palsy to volunteering at a bike donation shop or helping out at the Veteran's Outreach Center.  "Camping" indoors at a local community center or church.
  • Service Smorgasbord - Rome Edition: Rome, NY, is home to many attractions including a colonial fort, the Erie Canal Village, and numerous historic sites, but has experienced a serious economic downturn since the departure of its air force base a number of years ago.  This trip will help out at a variety of agencies in Rome such as Loaves and Fishes (youth center), the Rescue Mission, and the charming 1920's Capitol Theater, now in the process of renovation.  "Camping" indoors at a local church or community Center.
  • Refugee Populations and Youth Mentoring: Trip participants will work with Utica youth (middle and high school) who are part of the area's large refugee community.  The main site will be the Midtown Utica Community Center, which houses a teen center for newly-arrived youth.  There will also be an opportunity to participate in a conversation class with adult refugees from Myanmar, Somalia and other parts of the world.  Participants will get a chance to explore the nearby city of Utica, as well as have dinner at the home of a faculty member who is deeply involved in refugee work.  This group will "camp" indoors at  local community center or church. 
  • Serving the Environment: This outdoor service trip will be based at beautiful Camp Huntington on Raquette Lake in the Adirondacks.  The group will be working as trail and maintenance crew and staying in a cabin. Tasks may include trail-building, landscaping, outdoor clean-up, painting, and the like.  Evenings can be spent around the campfire, potentially with other XA and AA orientation trips who will also be based at the camp.  This is a somewhat active service trip that will offer opportunities for swimming, light hiking, and other outdoor fun! 
  • Youth Engagement: This trip will focus on work with low-income elementary age children and will revolve around agencies such as the Neighborhood Center and the Thea Bowman House which offer free or low-cost programming for these populations.  Participants will also get a chance to explore the nearby city of Utica, home to a large refugee population, multiple ethnic restaurants (we'll have a dinner out!), a beautiful art museum as well as several other OA trips, which will make for some great social gatherings.  "Camping" indoors at a local community center or church. 

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