Off-campus study is an exciting and integral part of many students' Hamilton College experience. In 2008-09, 225 Hamilton students studied abroad for at least one semester. That's 43 percent of the junior class. For the last five years, between 35 and 45 percent of juniors have studied abroad each year.

Hamilton College has its own programs or participates in consortium programs in France, Spain, China, and India, as well as domestic programs in Washington, D.C., New York City, and Boston. Hamilton's highly regarded programs are distinguished for their thorough preparation and total immersion of students in the academic and cultural opportunities at each destination, as well the hands-on internship components of the domestic programs.
Hamilton also maintains a list of about 180 program options throughout the world, and the office of Off-Campus Study can help students select appropriate programs and navigate the application process.  If you find that no program on the list meets your specific academic needs, you may petition the Committee on Academic Standing for approval to participate in an "off-list" program.  To do so, use the Checklist to Petition for An Off-List Program.
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Hamilton-Sponsored Study Abroad Programs

Hamilton-Sponsored Off-Campus Study in the U.S.

Hamilton-Affiliated Study Abroad Programs


Hamilton-Affiliated Off-Campus Programs in the U.S.