Getting Started

When you study abroad it takes early planning to thoughtfully integrate your academic work with the program you choose.
  1. Begin planning for study abroad early in your Hamilton career! A year or even two years in advance is not too soon.
  2. Read about Hamilton's international and domestic programs and review the list of pre-approved study abroad programs.
  3. Review the guiding principles of Off-Campus Study established by the Dean of Student's Office and the Committee on Academic Standing.
  4. Talk with your faculty advisor about your goals for study abroad, courses you must complete in your major before you go, courses that might transfer from study abroad and courses you will need to take when you return.
  5. If you want to study in a non-English-speaking country, begin or continue language study to achieve the level required by the program you select.
  6. Attend info sessions to learn about study abroad programs.
  7. Complete the study-abroad planning form.
  8. Make an appointment with a study-abroad advisor by calling the Office for Off-Campus Study at 315-859-4022.
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