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A study abroad semester may cost less, the same as or more than a semester at Hamilton. Although study abroad can be expensive, planning and research can make it an attainable goal.

How Much Will My Study Abroad Really Cost?

Your study abroad "program fee" probably includes tuition and housing, but you may have other expenses beyond that fee. Depending on the program, you may be responsible for airfare, room, board, in-country travel, books, fees or more. Make sure that you and anyone providing financial support for you understand what is covered by your program fee.

Hamilton's study abroad fee is $1500 per semester program. A student participating in a single, full-year program will be charged $2000 for the academic year, divided equally each semester.

This fee does not apply to the Hamilton programs.

Will my financial aid pay for my study abroad?

Many Hamilton students who study abroad receive financial aid, and Hamilton College will work with students receiving aid to try to make their study abroad goal achievable. Once you have a good idea of where you will go and with which program, consult Diane Barrett in the Financial Aid Office (315-859-4395) to be sure you understand your situation.

Is Other Funding Available for Study Abroad?

You may also be eligible to apply for outside scholarships to help with study abroad expenses. Program sponsors often offer scholarships in the range of several hundred to several thousand dollars. You can apply for these when you apply to your program. Other sources of information are listed below.

Study Abroad Financing Guides

Study Abroad Scholarships
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