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After You Return

Welcome back!  The process of adjusting back to life in the U.S., and to campus life especially, can come with its own set of challenges.  Now that you are back on campus, take time to reflect on your experience and find ways to stay connected to the things that made your study abroad experience meaningful.  


Re-Adjustment and Re-Entry Resources

For many students, the process of readjustment can be difficult, eye-opening, and motivational.  Much of the learning experience abroad is actually processed once you are back, which makes reflection a critical component of the study abroad experience.  Consider taking part in Off-Campus Study re-entry workshops, participating in a panel or group discussion with other returning students, or talking to students who are thinking about studying abroad.  

Share Your Study Abroad Story

Sharing your study abroad story can not only be a way to motivate others to consider study abroad, but it is also a way to help you articulate what was important about your experience abroad.  Whether you plan on seeking employment after Hamilton or go on to graduate or professional school, knowing how to relate your overseas experience to a potential employer or school can set you apart from other candidates.  Start putting your study abroad story together by sharing it with Off-Campus Study and other Hamilton students.  Email Off-Campus Study for more information.

Post-Baccalaureate Scholarships and Fellowships

Your study abroad experience may inspire you to want to go abroad again.  Contact Ginny Dosch, the scholarships and fellowships coordinator, as early as possible, to discuss post-baccalaureate scholarships and/or fellowships that would be a good fit.  

**DIS Copenhagen and Sweden Program Alumni interested in pursuing a Global Masters Program in health and life sciences are eligible to apply for a one-year fellowship to the Karolinska Institute.  For more information, go to the DIS website.

Study Abroad Evaluation

Make sure to complete your study abroad evaluation.  It is only once your evaluation is complete that your transfer credit will be assigned and confirmed.

Independent Study Projects and directed research

Students who have completed an independent study project abroad must have their paper evaluated in order for the ISP to transfer.  If your ISP is related to your major or minor, please contact your department chair.  If it is not related, please contact the Registrar's Office.

Directed research papers (completed through SFS or other program provider), must be approved by CAS.  For group projects, the student must be able to delineate their contribution.

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