Hamilton College considers the opportunity to transfer credit from study abroad a privilege, not a right. You must meet certain requirements to be eligible to receive credit for study abroad. 
  1. To obtain permission to study abroad, you must:
    1. earn a GPA of at least 2.7 calculated in the two consecutive semesters at Hamilton immediately preceding the last semester at Hamilton before leaving to study abroad;
    2. receive no final grades of F in the semester immediately preceding your proposed period of study abroad.
  2. Prior to study abroad you must complete the physical education, quantitative and symbolic reasoning, and writing requirements. (You or your advisor may check your status on these requirements by looking at “Program Evaluation” in WebAdvisor.)
  3. To study abroad in a non-English-speaking country, you must pass a course or otherwise show proficiency in the country's language at:
    • The fourth-semester (140) level for French, German, Russian or Spanish;
    • The second semester (120) level for Chinese and Japanese; 
    • The second-semester (120) level for instructor-based Critical Languages: Arabic, Hebrew or Italian. 
  4. You must be in good academic and social standing (not on academic or social probation) on the start date of your leave of absence from Hamilton. Students with six points or more are put on social probation and are not allowed to study abroad. Please refer to the Code of Student Conduct for more information about the point system.
  5. Your Hamilton account must be paid in full prior to your departure for study abroad.

Your leave to study abroad must normally occur in the first or second semester (or both) of your third (junior) year. However, you may apply to the Committee on Academic Standing to study abroad before that or in the first semester of your fourth (senior) year.

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