With advance planning, studio art concentrators can study abroad and successfully complete the concentration requirements.

Students must consider the following factors to formulate a study-abroad plan that complements their art studies at Hamilton:

  • Requirements for the concentration and when required courses are offered 
  • Study-abroad requirements, especially language requirements  
  • The type of study-abroad experience desired: Some programs allow flexibility to take art history as well as studio courses at different levels and in different media, while study at a dedicated school of art usually requires students to focus on only one medium and may not offer art history. 
First Year
  • Fall semester: drawing/art history

  • Spring semester: painting/printmaking 

Sophomore Year
  • Fall semester: ceramics/sculpture 
  • Spring semester: photo/video 
Junior Year (Spring Abroad)
  • Fall semester: junior seminar, advanced course in area of senior project 
  • Spring semester (study abroad): one additional studio art course and one art history 
Junior Year (Fall Abroad)
  • Fall semester (study abroad): junior seminar (with approval), one additional studio course 
  • Spring semester: advanced course in area of senior project, one art history 
Senior Year
  • Fall semester: 501 or 502 or second 300-level 

Individual students may not be able to follow this schedule, so consult with the chair and other faculty as early as the first semester. 

Students must complete their advanced course before going abroad, so they should verify when the course is normally offered (fall or spring), since this may affect the timing of study abroad.   

Programs with Language Requirements

  • Hamilton in France (Paris, France)
    French 140 required, French 200 preferred. Students can take a studio art course at Institut de la Croix Nivert or Speos. Art history courses are offered at Ecole du Louvre for advanced students and at Reid Hall.
  • Hamilton Academic Year in Spain (Madrid, Spain)
    Spanish 140 required, Spanish 200 preferred. Studio Art: Drawing and Painting is offered at the 200 and 300 levels.  Art history courses are available.
  • Tyler School of Art, Temple University (Rome, Italy)
    Italian 120 required. Students are not restricted to one area.  Courses include painting (advanced); printmaking (beginning, intermediate); sculpture (beginning figure modeling); photo (beginning, advanced, digital); drawing; galleries and studios of Rome (art history). Art history courses are available. 
  • Cornell University (Rome, Italy)
    Italian 120 required.  Students can take a mixed-media studio course in which they choose painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture or video.  Beginning photo and drawing and art history are available. Art 3102 may fulfill the junior seminar requirement with permission of the chair. 

Programs without Language Requirements

  • Goldsmiths, University of London (London, England)
    Full Academic Year
    Students can take studio classes in only one medium.  No art history course is available. Critical Studies course may fulfill the junior seminar requirement with permission of chair. 
  • Glasgow School of Art (Glasgow, Scotland)
    Spring or Full Academic Year
    Students pursue a set class schedule, normally year two, painting and printmaking. Electing “environmental arts” allows undecided students to work in more than one medium. Art history is available. 
  • Slade School of Art (London, England)
    Spring or Full Academic Year
    Students pursue concentrated studio practice in their an area of choice. No art history course is available. 
  • Burren College of Art (Ballyvaughan, Ireland)
    Fall or Spring
    Students are not restricted to one area, and may take beginner, intermediate or advanced studio work in painting, sculpture and photography.  Art history and drawing courses are available.  Art in Context may fulfill the junior seminar requirement with permission of chair. 

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