A Day in the Life:
hamilton’s job shadowing program

A Day in the Life is a job shadowing program that will provide you with an excellent opportunity to learn about a career area as well as make professional connections with alumni and parents. It is a critical component of the Explore portion of our Find Your Future career development model.

A Day in the Life is designed for first-year, sophomore and junior students who are early in their career exploration process. Alumni and parents are asked to volunteer as sponsors. Sponsors have been asked to plan a one-day experience for you at their place of work during winter break. All transportation and accommodation costs are your responsibility.

Job Shadowing Guide

Purpose and goals

The purpose of the A Day in the Life shadowing program is to assist you with career exploration and decision making.

  • self-awareness and self-confidence;
  • a career field of interest and determine if it is a good fit;
  • Career Center resources for exploring careers;
  • networking skills and make professional connections; and
  • business correspondence and communication etiquette.

What to Expect

Experiences vary widely but may include:

  • observation of a meeting (with other staff, clients, board members, etc.);
  • tour of facilities
  • meeting/speaking with a colleague in the same or a different department
  • listening to phone conversation(s)
  • observation of your sponsor in his/her workplace as they engage in typical activities
  • an opportunity to ask questions about your sponsor’s career field and/or position.


Sept. 17 – 28 Attend required orientation workshop (check Handshake calendar for dates)
Oct. 16 Students receive preliminary list of sponsors
Oct. 17-28 First sign-up period, sign up for only one
Oct. 29 - Nov. 9 Second sign-up period, can sign up for multiple experiences
Oct. - Dec. Students follow-up with individual sponsor via email 
Dec. – Jan. Students participate in shadowing program
Feb. Students complete a brief post-program evaluation

Contact Information

Career Center

Third floor of Bristol Center
198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323 
315-859-4346 ccadmin@hamilton.edu
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