2005 Distinguished Service Award
Citation for Timothy J. Hicks

The College calendar is jam-packed with events, from classroom presentations and public lectures to Convocations, Commencements and Reunions. Away from the Hill there are also numerous Hamilton gatherings for alumni. All are dependent on meticulous advance, behind-the-scenes preparation, not the least of which is provision of audiovisual aid.

For more than two decades, you have been the go-to and can-do person, the indispensable source of ready assistance in providing not only technological expertise but prompt solutions to unanticipated audiovisual problems. Speaking of your enormous help in the annual successful staging of the Alumni All-Stars Jazz Band during reunion weekends, one alumnus has aptly spoken of your “special combination of electronic wizardry, high-powered motivation and abundant good-heartedness.” And those virtues have also been noted by faculty members and visiting speakers alike, who commend the outstanding quality of the services you provide.

Without your professional commitment combined with your unfailing courtesy and cooperative spirit, Hamilton’s innumerable events both on College Hill and beyond would be pallid and poorly presented indeed. They would certainly lack the necessary amplification and visual stimulation to capture and hold an audience’s attention. Although the College benefits enormously from the dedication of many unsung heroes, in your case we think it most fitting that we do here and now sing out your praises, publicly and with full amplification.

Tim Hicks, the Alumni Association takes very great pleasure in recognizing your many contributions to Hamilton and Hamiltonians, not only with public praise but by presenting you with its Distinguished Service Award.

Citation presented by
Melissa D. Joyce-Rosen ’86
President, Alumni Association
April 8, 2005


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