2009 Volunteer of the Year Award
Citation for Melissa D. Joyce-Rosen ’86

A college draws its strength and sustenance from the volunteer contributions of its alumni. That is certainly true of Hamilton, which benefits enormously from alumni dedication and selfless service. Among the many Hamiltonians who, over the years, have generously devoted their time, talent and energy to their alma mater, you have earned not only great distinction but a place second to none.

A native of nearby Ilion, New York, you were the first member of your family to attend college. A mathematics major, you made time away from Hamilton’s Computer Center to engage with your community as a residential adviser and tutor. Upon your graduation in 1986, you immediately began your involvement in alumni activities as correspondent for your class. Twenty-three years later, you still faithfully report the news of your classmates for the pages of the Alumni Review.

Through the years, while steadily advancing in your career with the Xerox Corporation, from computer programmer to a worldwide product manager, you also managed to acquire an M.B.A. and take on family responsibilities as a wife and mother. During those years, you never ceased to devote considerable time to your class and the College. From class president and reunion organizer, you became a member of the Alumni Council, serving on its executive committee and culminating in 2003 with your election as president of the Alumni Association.

During your three-year tenure as president, you played a crucial role in revising election procedures and governance for the Alumni Council and Association. But above all, you dedicated yourself to improving Hamilton’s communication with its 18,000 alumni, not only by electronic means but by personal contact, always with the thought in mind, “How can we serve them better?” Today, while no longer leading the Alumni Association, you continue to be immersed in its volunteer activities while also juggling career demands and family obligations.

For those on College Hill who have had the pleasure of working with you, it is not only your remarkable organizational skills that inspire awe; it is also your unfailing graciousness and generosity of heart and spirit. With your enthusiastic willingness to help out in any way you can, you have richly earned the admiration and appreciation of your fellow alumni and the enduring gratitude of your alma mater.

Presented by Julie Ross ’84
President, Alumni Association
October 2, 2009


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