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Become a member of the Chapel Bell Society by setting up a monthly sustaining gift to Hamilton College.

You can change or discontinue your recurring gift at any time by contacting Yvonne Brady, Gift Recorder, at 315-859-4652, ybrady@hamilton.edu.

Benefits for you and for Hamilton:
  • For the donor, monthly sustaining gifts are convenient and easy to set up. You can join the Chapel Bell Society online with a contribution of as little as $5 per month. Solicitations from the Hill stop. Members receive two yearly stewardship reports recapping giving by calendar and academic year for tax and recognition purposes.
  • For the College, Chapel Bell gifts provide a reliable and predictable source of support that allows Hamilton to meet its commitments to students every month of every year.
  • Further, Chapel Bell members receive a complimentary pair of exclusive Hamilton socks, and a 25 percent College Bookstore discount off the purchase of an item of Hamilton logo wear (online or in-person). Additionally, members are waived the $10 event-gift charge when attending campus and regional events like Fallcoming, Reunions, Alexander Hamilton Birthday Parties, and the like.

Contact Information

Fred Rogers P’21

Director of Annual Giving
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