We would like to invite Kirkland Alumnae to nominate themselves or other Kirkland alumnae to serve a three-year term on the Kirkland Endowment Advisory Committee, replacing Alison (Woody) Root '72.   Nominations are due by May 15, 2010.

The Kirkland Endowment Advisory Committee (KEAC) was established at the time of the merger of the two colleges to oversee the endowment of Kirkland College, which had been given to Hamilton to be used in the needs and interests of women at Hamilton.  Over the years since the Endowment was first established, the Hamilton community has come to depend on the funding mission of the Endowment to expand support that is already available to Hamilton women in the areas that most exemplified the ideals of Kirkland:  student designed/centered projects, visionary creative work, curricular and extra-curricular work that falls outside the traditional canon, multidisciplinary research, and action/service to the community.

The Committee receives proposals for funding in the following areas:

* Campus Programming  -- lectures, events, films, exhibits;

* Kirkland Faculty-student research collaborations for service, research or creative work including travel for attendance at scholarly conferences, research projects or exhibitions for both  summer and academic year support

* Scholarships -- In the past we have awarded at least one Babbitt scholarship per year to a Hamilton woman graduate to help offset costs of graduate school tuition, made awards for summer student research, and helped current Hamilton women students with additional financial aid.

The committee reads proposals and participates in several phone meetings a year where we vote on proposals and discuss matters related to the Endowment.  We generally try to hold at least one face-to-face meeting on campus each year.  Nominees need to be aware of the time commitment involved and agree to be available for the duration of the three-year term.

Current Committee members are: Nancy Rabinowitz (outgoing chair), Katheryn Doran (in-coming Chair), three alumnae (Donna Kerner '72, Alison (Woody) Root '72, and Kawana Bullock, H '02, and three female Hamilton students:  Sonya Garcia, Kate Harloe, and Wai Yee Poon.

If you are nominating yourself or someone else, please write a short one paragraph statement that summarizes the background experience that you or the candidate would bring to the advisory committee (for example, previous work in Kirkland college governance, Kirkland alumnae affairs, pertinent education or work-related experience).  Whenever possible the committee seeks to expand its membership in terms of depth and breadth of diverse life experience. 

If you are nominating other alums, please get their consent, and send their names to Nancy Rabinowitz  (nrabinow@hamilton.edu).  Faculty and Alumnae currently serving on the committee will make the appointment and make the announcement well in advance of the fall meeting.  

Please feel free to contact any of the members of the Committee for more information: Co-chairs:  nrabinow@hamilton.edu, or kdoran@hamilton.edu, Alumnae:  dkerner@wheatoncollege.edu, ksb7@hotmail.com,  (Woody is not available by e-mail) or students:  sgarcia@hamilton.edu, kharloe@hamilton.edu, wpoon@hamilton.edu

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