The Pioneer Poster project was created in 2010 as a way to provide a glimpse into the richly fascinating and diverse lives Kirkland women lead. Containing personal statements, photos, and resumes, the posters are displayed annually during Reunion Weekend, and are permanently housed in the K.C. Archives at the Burke Library.

The objective is to foster a greater understanding of the collective pioneer spirit of Kirkland students through brief personal narratives. It is a delightful and eye-opening experience to learn about the creative and unique choices women from the Kirkland community made — in what they studied, how Kirkland influenced them, and what they chose to do in their post-college years.

The posters are snapshots and are not intended to be comprehensive. But when they are displayed together, the effect is breathtaking. They show that Kirkland was memorable because of the women who matriculated there. The stories help capture a sense of the place.

Long after the college closed her doors, Kirkland’s history remains compelling to current students, their parents, faculty members, scholars, and those interested in the education of women. The posters help us understand the innovative spirit that defined the Kirkland College community.

When the Poster Project was first displayed in 2012, it was received with great enthusiasm. That demonstrated the importance of gathering as many posters as possible  to help preserve the larger Kirkland story.

Kirkland students, if you have not already submitted a poster, please send your submission and a recent jpg photo of yourself to kirklandpioneers@gmail.com.  



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