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Welcome, class of 2024 January Admission students! Congratulations on your acceptance to Hamilton. We look forward to having you join our community.

Key dates and information about the transition to Hamilton and orientation adventure trips for new Jans are listed below.

We know that the January Admit experience often presents unique questions, especially regarding the social and academic transitions to Hamilton and orientation. Please do not hesitate to contact Tessa Chefalo, Director of Orientation and First-Year Programs at tchefalo@hamilton.edu, or by phone at 315-859-4846.

Key dates for new January Admission students:

  • Mid-late May 2020: Receive your new Hamilton credentials (including email account information) via your personal email.
  • Late May 2020: Receive information about Orientation Adventure Trips, and access to the online trip registration form.  This will be sent to your new Hamilton.edu email address.
  • August 18-24, 2020: Orientation Adventure Trips (for those who registered) and some sessions specific to Jans. See the Orientation Adventure Trip FAQs below for more info.
  • Late October: Receive invitation to the New Student Checklist. Use your Hamilton username and password to log in to My Hamilton to view the checklist of tasks you’ll need to complete before arriving on campus in January.
  • Early-mid November: Housing Questionnaire and Advising Tour due
  • January 1, 2021: Health and immunization records and health insurance waiver due
  • January 15-18, 2021: January Orientation (schedule)
  • January 19, 2021: First day of spring semester classes at Hamilton

FAQ: Transitioning to Hamilton

When is January Orientation?

January Orientation begins on Friday, January 15, 2021 and continues through Monday, January 18, 2021. (tentative schedule)

When will I register for spring semester courses at Hamilton?

In November, you will receive an invitation to the New Student Checklist.  This checklist includes information about life at Hamilton and several required action steps.  One of those action steps is the Advising Tour, an online process that includes information about Hamilton's curriculum and course offerings, and space to review spring semester courses and enter your course preferences.

When can I move into my residence hall in the spring?

Residence halls open to new spring students on January 15, 2021.  Orientation check-in and key pickup begins at 8:30am on that date, in the Sadove Student Center.

I'm a parent of an incoming Jan, and would like to connect with other Jan parents. How can I do that?

Sara Ziesenitz from the Hamilton College Parents Office can help connect incoming and current Jan parents.  Contact Sara at szieseni@hamilton.edu for more information.

FAQs: Orientation Adventure Trips

What are the orientation adventure trip dates for Jans?

Jans should plan to arrive on campus on Tuesday, August 18, 2020, and depart on Monday, August 24. 

Will I be provided housing during my orientation adventure trip?

Yes. Jans who participate in an orientation adventure trip will be provided a temporary room on-campus for any nights they are not off-campus with their trip group.  When you arrive on campus on August 18th, 2020, you will be able to check-in to your temporary room, and will stay there that same evening.  Most trips depart campus on August 19th, and stay at either a campsite or local church or community center overnight during their trip.  Trips return to campus on August 23rd, and Jans will once again be able to stay in their temporary rooms.  Jans should plan to move out of their temporary rooms by 10am on Monday, August 24th.

The orientation schedule extends through August 26th. Can I stay for the on-campus orientation events, too?

Jans should plan to depart campus on Monday, August 24th.  The orientation programming that occurs after that date is specific to fall admission students (for example, matriculation to the College, changes to course schedules, meetings with academic advisors).  All of this programming will be offered during the required January Orientation for new Jans, from January 15-18, 2021.

What should I pack for my orientation adventure trip?

When you receive your trip assignment, you will also receive a link to a trip-specific packing list.  That list will include all supplies you need for the trip you are participating in.  In addition, Jans may wish to bring a few additional items to cover the days spent on-campus before and after the trips:

  • Bedding and linens for use in your temporary on-campus room
  • Towel and toiletries
  • Dressy outfit for the post-trip banquet
  • Comfortable clothing for the days you will be on campus
  • A separate, small bag for carrying the clothing and other supplies you will need for your trip

Are there any programs just for Jans that are offered during August orientation?

Yes!  On arrival day, August 18, there will be a coffee and conversation session for all Jans and families.  This event is an opportunity to get to know fellow Jans, meet some upper class Jans, and speak with representatives from Hamilton College about the Jan experience.  On Monday, August 24, Jans may participate in the following optional events before they depart campus:

  • 7:45 - 8:30a.m.: Continental Breakfast

  • 8:45 - 10a.m.: Orientation Lecture (all fall admission students are required to attend this event - in addition to a welcome talk from a faculty member, this also includes details about the open curriculum and advising process at Hamilton)

  • 10 - 11a.m.: Brunch for Jans and families

  • 11:30a.m. - 12:30p.m.: Advising and Curriculum Info Session for January Admission Students


Additional FAQs coming soon!  If you have a question not addressed on this page, please contact Tessa Chefalo at tchefalo@hamilton.edu.

Contact Information

Tessa Chefalo

Director of Orientation and First-Year Programs
315-859-4894 tchefalo@hamilton.edu
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