Goals of Exploration Adventure (XA), Adirondack Adventure (AA) and Outreach Adventure (OA)

  • To have a positive transition into college, with good friends and helpful, experienced leaders
  • To learn about Hamilton College, your peers, yourself and how this all fits together
  • To find out how you work in a group of college students
  • To deal with people who might be different from you (kind of like college, eh?)
  • To learn some wilderness skills and appreciate the great outdoors, and/or
  • To become oriented to the larger urban community surrounding Hamilton and make a contribution through service activities, and/or
  • To explore a theme or subject area with your student leaders and a faculty member or administrator
  • To provide opportunities for information-sharing and discussion regarding the College, including ways to get involved in service, outdoor adventures, or leadership during your Hamilton years.


Contact Name

Tessa Chefalo

Assistant Dean of Students for Student Engagement

Help us provide an accessible education, offer innovative resources and programs, and foster intellectual exploration.

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