• Ernest Williams, the William R. Kenan Professor of Biology Emeritus, recently traveled to Billings, Mont., where he presented at the 71st Annual Meeting of the Lepidopterists’ Society.

  • Stephen Wu, the Irma M. and Robert D. Morris Professor of Economics at Hamilton, recently teamed with former student Qi Ge ’06, assistant professor of economics at Vassar College, on the study “How Do You Say Your Name? Difficult-to-Pronounce Names and Labor Market Outcomes.”

  • Death is part of life, yet it can feel like being lost in the dark depths of the wilderness for those experiencing or coping with it. Sara Bert Web ’06 strives to be the light that guides them through.

  • Swinging 20-plus feet above the ground, would you rather fly or catch? Trust your partner to catch you or prefer to catch your partner?

  • An article about student-graduate committee matching and job market outcomes, co-authored by Stephen Wu, the Irma M. and Robert D. Morris Professor of Economics, and Qi Ge ’06, appears in the October issue of Southern Economic Journal.

  • It’s a job, which means it comes with deadlines, bottom lines, clients, crazy hours, and stress. Such things are rendered incidental, however, when reverential colleagues gather to watch the uncrating of a Monet. Six Hamilton alumni who work at the venerable auction house Sotheby’s New York talk about what they do.

  • After graduating from Hamilton with a world politics major and economics minor, Nicholas Philippi ’06 served nine years as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. Philippi, who served primarily as a UH-1Y helicopter pilot, will deliver the seventh annual Josiah Bunting III Veterans Day Lecture on Monday, Nov. 11, at 6:30 p.m. in the Taylor Science Center, Kennedy Auditorium.

  • During a panel discussion, students heard from three alumni working in the field of policy and political research. Panelists included Ann Dubin ’06, a freelance political researcher and consultant, Marc Pitarresi ’10, a freelance political and communications consultant and researcher, and Cristina Garafola ’11, a research associate at RAND Corp. specializing in Chinese foreign policy.

  • Ryan Serhant ’06’s new show, Sell It Life Serhant, is now on Bravo TV. Serhant is known for his work on the six-season series Million Dollar Listing New York.

  • When Andy Berman ’06 and Kevin St. John ’06 first created Facebook accounts during their junior year at Hamilton College, they had no clue that they would be working for the social media company only a decade later. In fact, after graduating from Hamilton, Berman said that he had “no idea” what to do professionally. St. John, who eventually went to business school and developed an interest in startups, did not have a concrete job himself until he started working for Facebook in 2015.

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