•  “U.S. government officials have long recognized that what Americans don’t know about foreign languages, cultures, and histories, has — and will — hurt us,” began President David Wippman and his co-author Cornell Professor Glenn Altschuler in a Jan. 29 op-ed in The Hill. The essay chronicles legislation in the 20th and 21st centuries focused on Americans’ increased knowledge of other countries and their languages.

  • Amidst the bustling crowds at Commons and McEwen dining halls, language faculty and students sit around a table to enjoy a meal while conversing in their chosen studied language. Hamilton’s “language tables,” as they are known, provide both valuable speaking experience and community building opportunities.

  • Associate Professor of Philosophy Katheryn Doran discussed her work as director of the Hamilton Oneida Prison Education (HOPE) faculty group and her own long-running prison book group in an interview published on the Engaged Philosophy website.

  • A panel sponsored by the Career Center’s Connect Team gave students the opportunity to learn first-hand about the career paths of three Hamilton alumni who had one thing in common — a passion for foreign languages and cultures.

  • In a year of back-to-back overseas programs, Charlotte Freed '20 spent fall semester in Dakar, Senegal. From there, she traveled to Spain What more could a foreign languages and world politics major ask? How about a State Department internship?

  • Hamilton College offers students the opportunity to study over 10 languages from Chinese and Spanish to Arabic and Japanese. While most of the learning takes place inside the classroom, foreign language enthusiasts have ample opportunity to brush up on their language and culture skills within the community.

  • Elie Doubleday ’20 is studying in Spain through the HCAYS program. Following is a report of the orientation trip to Galicia.

  • Although Seraphina Buckholtz ‘20 is a creative writing major, English isn’t the only language she’s mastered. At Hamilton, she’s studying French, Spanish, and Arabic — all on top of her regular course requirements. This summer, Buckholtz took her foreign language studies outside of the classroom and into the larger world.

  • Jacob (Jake) Colangelo ’20 and Cameron DiGiovanni ’20 have been awarded Coccia Foundation Scholarships for study abroad in Italy. They will use the $2,000 scholarships to study in Italy this summer at the CET Siena Program.

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