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Accident Reporting

If an employee is involved in an accident while driving a College vehicle, on campus, contact Campus Safety immediately. Campus Safety will document the accident and generate an incident report. Notify the Transportation Coordinator, who manages the College's vehicle fleet and the Administrative Services Administrator, who manages the College’s insurance.

If the accident occurs off-campus, contact the local police department and request the completion of an accident report form. If you have a camera or cell phone with you, take photos of the damage to both vehicles. Obtain full information on the other driver — name, address, phone number, vehicle make/model/year, license plate #, and the insurance company. Provide the same information to the other driver (insurance card with the College’s insurance info is in the glove box of the vehicle) refer them to the Administrative Services Administrator, 315-859-4974, for any questions regarding the College’s insurance. If the accident involves a rental car, also email a copy of your rental car contract.

If the accident is minor and only involves damage to the College vehicle, i.e., car/van scraped on the way out of a parking lot, it is not necessary to contact the local police department. Document the damage (date, time, location, circumstances), take photos of the damage and report the incident immediately to the Transportation Coordinator, 315-859-4515, and Administrative Services Administrator, 315-859-4974. When you return to campus, contact Campus Safety to complete a full incident report.

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