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Chaplaincy Student Staff

Jenna McCarthy ’22

Interfaith Program Intern

Jenna is President of the All Beliefs Union, a student organization which hosts interfaith, pan-spiritual events. She also works with the Interfaith Program Coordinator to guide our Interreligious Roundtable discussions and direct our Spiritual Leadership Council, made up of student org leaders and chaplaincy staff and interns.

Abigail Moone ’23

Mindfulness Intern

Abigail is in their third year as Mindfulness Intern for the chaplaincy. She has directed the weekly Recoup & Soup meditation event, as well as provided outreach to the first-year mindfulness theme residence hall, Wally J, and other mindfulness initiatives.

Lucy Naughton '24

Social Justice Intern

Lucy coordinates programs such as Religious Trauma & Healing Reflection Group and Queer Christian Intersections Dialogue Group.

Salwa Sidahmed ’23

Muslim Student Association Intern

Salwa provides support for the Muslim Students Association student organization.

Kathryn Woodruff '25

Protestant Program Intern

Kathryn helps plan and facilitate weekly Sunday evening Soul Food gatherings, the spiritual dinner with reflection, prayer and music in the Protestant tradition.

Spiritual Communities at Hamilton College

All Beliefs Union

Interfaith and non-religious spirituality discussions & events

Chabad Community on Campus

Jewish Life Supported by Chabad of Clinton

Hamilton Christian Fellowship

Protestant & Catholic Christian Student Organization

Bible Study Small Groups


Jewish Community at Hamilton

Meditation Club

Sitting meditation practice supported by Zen Center of Syracuse

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

Muslim Community at Hamilton

Shenandoah Kirkland Initiative (SKI)

Explore indigenous culture and relationship with Oneida Indian Nation

The $400 million campaign to provide students with a life-altering education.

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