First visit the First-Year Student guide for general packing information. Keep in mind the Cram and Scram event at the beginning of the semester, which allows students to buy a wide variety of used college supplies at a big discount.

How to Pack

As little as possible! Bring only what you need or truly can't replace or buy here. Do not pack large amounts of toiletries, school supplies, or other easily replaceable items. Be mindful of the TSA restrictions, and make sure your Hamilton address is marked on all your luggage tags.

What To Carry-On

  • Immigration documents: passport, visa, I-20, financial support, Hamilton College letter of admission
  • Money: Cash (around $200), debit/credit cards
  • Health forms, including required immunizations
  • Medication. Prescriptions written outside the New York State will not be accepted in state, so your doctor must provide a complete description of necessary medications on your health form, which was sent to you by the Hamilton College Admission Office.
  • Electronics: Laptop, tablets, chargers. It is likely that you will need an adapter and converter to adjust the voltage of your electronics from 220 to 110. For more information, visit here. To make purchases, visit here, but also note we are not sponsored by them and there are many other viable alternatives.
  • Emergency phone numbers

What To Check

  • Linens: Towels, bedsheets (extra-long twin size or 76-80 by 33 inches), a pillowcase, a blanket. Alternatively, you could buy or ship these items. The College does NOT provide linens. 
  • Seasonal clothing (the College has very cold winters), including jackets, gloves, hats, boots, warm socks.
  • Misc: Photos, small mementos, one national festive outfit (for special occasions sponsored by the International Student Association or International Student Services).

How to Ship

It might be cheaper to ship packages instead of paying for more luggage. It would be wise to ship so that it arrives when you do, or for winter items, ship so that it arrives during the winter.  Shipping by sea is often cheaper than airfreight, but the travel time is much longer. You should ship to:

Your name
Hamilton College
198 College Hill Road
Box #
Clinton, New York, 13323

The Mail Center will store your packages until you arrive. For more information, visit the Mail Center.

Planning for Purchases Here

As mentioned earlier, the Cram and Scram is a good opportunity to buy household goods at big discounts, however the variety and the quality of the goods can vary greatly. Very likely, you will find decent quality lamps, clothes hangers, kitchenware, $15 mini fridges, $10 microwaves, and monitors. For information on local stores, visit Our Neighborhood. For a reasonable approximation on the cost of goods in Clinton, visit RentCafe for data on Syracuse.


Office / Department Name

International Student Services

Contact Name

Omobonike Odegbami

Director of International Student Services

Office Location
Days-Massolo Center

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