Judging Criteria

The judges will evaluate each speaker on two main categories of criteria: content and communication/engagement.


  1. clearly explained the background, purpose, and significance of the research project.
  2. clearly described the methods, key results, and conclusions drawn from the research.
  3. followed a clear and logical sequence.
  4. gave adequate time to each element of the presentation.
  5. described the research and results in language appropriate to a non-specialist audience.
  6. provided adequate background information for a general audience.

Communication and Engagement

  1. stimulated my interest in the research and made me want to know more.
  2. conveyed enthusiasm for their research
  3. captured and maintained the audience’s attention.
  4. made eye contact and used body language that enhanced the meaning of the message.
  5. spoke with appropriate speed and volume and used vocal expression that enhanced the meaning of the message.
  6. PowerPoint slide was legible, concise, and enhanced the presentation 


Office / Department Name

Oral Communication Center

Contact Name

Amy Gaffney

Oral Communication Center Director

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