We are now hiring for the 2019-2020 academic year! The application is available  on Handshake. Last day to apply is April 14.

The consultant’s Role and Duties: The Oral Communication Center peer tutor plays an important role in helping other students improve their communication effectiveness and achieve success in their classes.

The consultant’s primary job is to provide coaching to students as they prepare oral presentations, debates, group presentations, oral exams, poster presentations and other oral communication assignments. Consultants give advice on a variety of issues, including organizing and outlining, using supporting material, documenting sources, adapting written work for oral presentation, polishing vocal and physical delivery, creating effective visual aids (usually PowerPoint), and managing stage fright.

Consultants need a solid understanding of fundamentals of organization, including what constitutes an effective thesis and how to use standard patterns of arrangement. Experience with various forms of oral communication—such as oral presentations, debates, poster presentations, discussions—is also helpful.

Consultants should have strong communication and interpersonal skills; they need to be able to provide clear, specific advice, grounded in communication principles, in a manner that is respectful and supportive. Consulants are expected to carry out their responsibilities professionally and behave appropriately, especially in terms of protecting students’ confidentiality and making students feel comfortable and secure. It is important that consultants be responsible, trustworthy, organized, and punctual.

Besides coaching their fellow students, OCC consultants are expected to perform other duties, such as maintaining accurate and complete records, designing and presenting communication skills workshops, developing instructional materials, and working on OCC advertising and public information materials.


? Currently enrolled Hamilton student ? Grade point average above an 83. For rising sophomores, if average is below 83, we will look at second semester grades. ? Must possess strong communication, interpersonal, and time management skills

Time Commitment:

? Consultants must be able to attend trainings before the start of each semester’s tutoring. In the fall, that training is normally conducted over the 3 days just before classes begin. In the spring, that training occurs the day before classes begin and/or during the first week of classes. ? Consultants normally work 4­6 hours per week, either in tutoring conferences or working on Oral Communication Center projects. ? Consultants must be available for shifts during typical tutoring time (3-­10 p.m.). ? Consultants are also expected to attend staff meetings, for which they are paid. ? Consultants must be willing to prioritize their scheduled time over social activities, reliably working their assigned shift(s).


? Earn money. Consultants are paid the College’s prevailing hourly wage for this kind of duty.  ? Build your resume and gain work experience. ? Improve your own communication skills.  ? Increase academic skills and confidence by acting as a peer role model.

Apply now on Handshake! The application will close on April 14.


Office / Department Name

Oral Communication Center

Contact Name

Amy Gaffney

Oral Communication Center Director

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