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Presenting in a Group

Presenting in a group (View pdf)

When preparing material

  • Make expectations clear, and set deadlines for yourselves.
  • Be supportive and respectful of each other; when there’s a problem, work together to solve it.
  • Organize your work and content to allow all members to participate effectively, and carry your own weight.
  • Decide as a group if you are using notecards. For consistent look, either everyone or no one should use notecards (having only part of the group with notecards makes those people seem underprepared).
  • Make sure PowerPoint slides or other visual aids have a consistent visual theme.
  • Remember that your professor can help you resolve issues.

When presenting

  • Pay attention to your group members when they are presenting. If you can’t find their material interesting, how can your classmates in the audience? As a member of the group, you are always part of the presentation, even if you are not speaking.
  • Make sure transitions between speakers is smooth — don’t leave gaps where no one is speaking, or speak over one another. These transitions should be well rehearsed.
  • Maintain a sense of unity with the group. Even if you don’t agree with something, you should still present as though you are 100% invested in the group and the presentation.
  • Don't let each other fall — if someone is really struggling, step in and help them. At the same time, don’t be impatient or annoyed because they’re not doing it the way you would.

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