The Critical Languages Program is a self-instructional program that requires you to be highly motivated and self-directed. You are responsible for your own learning through careful work with the text, multimedia materials and other learning materials.

The communicative structure of the tutorials requires thorough preparation and participation on the part of each student. Because the verbal aspects of the language are emphasized in class, your participation depends on thorough preparation. Understanding the linguistic concepts and writing out the exercises is just the first step. Since you are preparing for a class “in ” the language, not “about ” the language, practice in applying what you have learned is essential to class participation.

Success in learning the language depends on you. Students enjoy and benefit from the small classes and the interactive and participatory nature of the class sessions. They often comment on how much progress they make in the language and in addition on how much they learned about their own abilities as learners.

Your success depends on you — on your motivation, attitude, participation, and especially on your self-discipline, practice and daily commitment.


Mary Beth Helderle

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