1996 - Present


Sophia Wang
Sino German Relationships: Economic Interests or Ideological Differences
Advisor: Alan Cafruny


Ben Mittman ’18
The Influence of Learning and Inference on Intergroup Interactions
Advisor: Vik Bejjanki

Amy Zhang 18 
Birds of the Body: a Poetic Exploration of the Performance of Asian-American Femininity
Advisor: Jane Springer 


John Rufo ’16
Advisors: Jane Springer and Scott MacDonald


Robert Huben ’15
Size Matters: Directed Explorations in Measurable Dynamics and Homological Algebra
Advisors: Andrew Dykstra and Courtney Gibbons

Sabrina Yurkofsky ’15
Beyond Bechdel: Evaluating Sexism in Television Programming and its Effects on Viewers
Advisors: Jennifer Borton and Megan Dowd


Emma Laperruque ’14
Culinary Illiteracy in the Millennial Generation
Advisor: Tina Hall


Marty Cain
The Poetic Art of Rural Decay: Reinterpreting the Pastoral with a Surreal Sense of Place
Advisors: Jane Springer and Ella Gant

McKayla Dunfey
The Bicycle’s Influence: Changing Perceptions of Place and Space in Urban Environments


Keomanisod Xiong
Hmoob-Meskas: Two Clashing Perspectives on Gender and the Implications of a Hmong Feminism in a Hmong-American Community
Advisors: Anne Lacsamana and Bonnie Urciuoli


Caitlin Taborda
Local, Organic, and Sustainable Privilege: Understanding the Social Significance of Food Movements and the Socioeconomic Factors that Influence Participation.
Advisors: Stephen Ellingson and Naomi Guttman


Gail M. Corneau
Seven-Membered and Sweet: Routes to Rational Antibiotic Design Using Unnatural Carbohydrates to Explore Antimicrobial Resistance in Staphylococcus Infections
Advisors: Nicole Snyder, Michael McCormick and  Ashleigh Smythe

Catherine Fiona Kirkpatrick
Gendering Empire: British Women, Indian Women, and Discourses of Race, Gender and Intimacy in Colonial India 1858-1947
Advisors: Chaise LaDousa and Lisa Trivedi

Autumn Rose Haroutunian
Psycho-Architecture: An Exploration of Phenomenology, Intention, and the Construction of Human Consciousness
Advisors: Marianne Janack and Steve Goldberg


Leeann Brigham
Experimental Tests on Neurotransmitter Models of Schizophrenia
Advisors: Douglas Weldon (p); Jennifer Borton (c)

Matthew G. Crowson
Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Augmentation by IRF2BP2 in Muscle Tissue Principal
Advisors: Herman Lehman (p); Sue Ann Miller, Alexandre Stewart (University of Ottawa Heart Institute) (c)

Nicole Dietsche
Midnight Circus: An Original Graphic Novel
Advisors: Tina Hall (p); Bruce Muirhead, Frank Sciacca, Richard Seager (c)

Kyla Gorman
Narrative Weaving: An Exploration of the Unique Aspects of Storytelling in Video Games
Advisors: Stuart Hirshfield, Doran Larson (p)

Christopher C. Sullivan
Culture and Cultivation: An Exploration of the Agrarian Philosophy and the Implications of an Agricultural Existence.
Advisors: Peter Cannavo (p); Wyatt Galusky(c)


Amy M. Barrows
Electrochemical Control of Metalloproteins: Coupling Hydrogel Encapsulated Proteins to Electrodes
Advisors: Tim Elgren (p); Michael McCormick (c)

Rachel Marie Cannon
Neuroscience and Free Will
Advisors: Marianne Janack (p); John Vaughan (c)

Kristy Colombine
“I Feel Pretty, and Witty and Gay”: an Analysis on the Relationship between Gay and Lesbian Media Images and Legal Acceptance in the twentieth Century.
Advisors: Shoshana Keller (p); Martha Mockus (c)

Sarah Lieberman Cornblath
Comparing the Success of Non-Governmental organizations in Combating Social Issues in Paraguay and Argentina
Advisors: Stephen Orvis (p); Yolanda Aguila (c)

Stephen Andrew Orlando
A Graphical Novel based on the Russian Folktale of Vasilisa the Beautiful
Advisors: Tina Hall (p); John Bartle (c)

Miranda Aycock Raimondi
The Art of Science: an Exploration of the Creative Principles that Unite Art and Science
Advisors: Ella Gant (p); Sam Pellman, Ann Silversmith (c)


Emily Theressa Starr
“Microbiotic Soil Crusts at the Rome Sand Plains, NY: Disturbance and Biodiversity in a Pine Barren Ecosystem”
Advisors: William Pfitsch, Biology (p); Michael McCormick, Biology (c)


Alan Thomas Clark
“Being There: Realism, Presence, and Identification in Virtual Environments”
Advisors: John Adams (p); Bonnie Urciuoli (c)

Michael Eli Gruen
“Wireless Security in Resource Constrained Mobile Systems”
Advisors: Mark Baily (p); Robert Redfield (c)

Carlyn Anne Patterson
“Brain Circuitry for Detecting Rewards: Neural Activity in the Rat Caudate Nucleus and Superior Colliculus”
Advisors: Doug Weldon (p); Ian Rosenstein (c)

Amy Elizabeth Schloerb
“The Creation of an Actor Identity: Working at Acting”
Advisors: Jennifer Irons (p); Carole Bellini-Sharp (c)


Thomas Joseph Acampora
“The Sex Fiend, the Orientalist and the Homebody: Roger Casement, T.E. Lawrence and E.M. Forster.  Three Models of Male Homosexuals in the Early Twentieth-Century British Empire”
Advisors: Esther Kanipe (p); Gillian Gane (c)

Aletha Faye Asay
“Atomic bomb Literature in Japan: Narrative Response to Trauma”
Advisors: Melek Ortabasi (p); Kyoto Omori (c)

Elizabeth Anne Jones
“Doing God’s Work: An Ethnography of Pro-Life Activism in an American Evangelical Community”
Advisors: Bonnie Urciuoli (p); Richard Werner (c)

Emily Peters Kerr
“Como de Eso: Agriculture and Food Security in the Dominican Republic”
Advisors: Carol Drogus (p); Alan Cafruny (p); Derek Jones (c); Henry Rutz (c)

Christopher George Takacs
“Coping in the Metropolis: The Architecture of Public Life in American Cities”
Advisors: Daniel Chambliss (p); A. Todd Franklin (c)

Jouis Joseph Vaickus
“Intermolecular Free Radical Addition Reactions of a-Nitro Esters, Amides, and Ketones and b-Keto Esters: Explorations”
Advisors: Ian Rosenstein (p); Stephen Waratuke (c)


Jessica A. Kent
“In Search of a Novel: or, Jessica Becomes a Writer”
Advisors: Doran Larson (p); Peter Rabinowitz (c)

Melissa K. Stoos
“The Actions of the Nitrosylated Octopamine Compound, 4'Hydroxycetophenone”
Advisors: Herman Lehman (p); Robin Kinnel (c)


Jon Paul Bellona
“Monument of Sound: Creating a Vietnam War Memorial”
Advisors: Samuel Pellman, Music (p); Douglas Raybeck, Anthropology (c)

Samuel J. Klempner
“Investigation of the Morphogenesis of Ephemeral Aortic Arches in Chick Embryos with Special Attention to a Role for Apoptosis in Their Removal”
Advisors: Sue Ann Miller, Biology (p); David Gapp, Biology (c)

Shauna Sweet
“Power in the Margins: Investigating Contemporary Social Spaces”
Advisors: Daniel Chambliss, Sociology (p); Mitchell Stevens, Sociology (c); Richard Seager, Religion (c)  


Leah Byrne
“An Investigation of the Effect of Nitration on the Invertebrate Neuromodulator Octopamine: The Biological Implications and Actions of Nitro Octopamine”
Advisors: Herman Lehman, Biology (p); Douglas Weldon, Psychology (c)

Maggie Hanson
“The Personality of Distance Runners: Performance, Injury, and Mental Health”
Advisors: Greg Pierce, Psychology (p); Daniel Chambliss, Sociology (c); Jennifer Borton, Psychology (c); Julie Dunsmore, Psychology (c)

Danielle Wittern
“Entre Lenguas: Reflections of an American Girl in Spain”
Advisors: Naomi Guttman, English (p); Jeremy Medina, Spanish (c)


Lauren A. Ivison
“Am I My Mother’s Daughter? Choices of Identity and Cultural Survival for Bolivian Indigenous Women”
Advisors: D. Chambliss, Sociology (p); S. Sanchez-Casal, Romance Languages (c)

Cynthia M. Fadem
“Chronology of the Landscape Evolution at Oneida Lake with an Investigation into Possible Human Occupation”
Advisors: E. Domack, Geology (p); G. T. Jones, Anthropology (c)


Scott Hiley
“Making Relics: Holy Objects, Human Agents, and the Sacralisation of the Material in High Medieval French Literature”
Advisors: R. Krueger, French (p); E. Wheatley, English (c)

Cemile Guldal<
“Revealing the Unknown Function of Scm2, the Yeast Tryptophan Permease”
Advisors: J. Garrett, Biology (p); T. Elgren, Chemistry (c)

Laura Knapp
“Religion as an Outlet for Insecurity: An Approach from an Attachment Perspective”
Advisors: J. Borton, Psychology (p); J. Williams, Religion (c); J. McArn, Chaplain (c)


Karlen Lee Chase
“Between Destinies: Exhuming Two Southern Women's Secrets, a Novel”
Advisors: Naomi Guttman, English (p); Doran Larson, English (c)


Mary B. Dias
“Visual Navigation of a Mobile Robot”
Advisors: Stuart Hirshfield, Computer Science (p); Brian Collett, Physics (c)

Jonathan Goldstein
“Characterization of Compound U and the Catalase Chemistry Associated with the R2 Subunit of Ribonucleotide Reductase”
Advisors: Tim Elgren, Chemistry (p); Jinnie Garrett, Biology (c)

Kim-Ee Yeoh
“Computations of Galois Groups”
Advisors: Robert Redfield, Mathematics (p); Richard Decker, Computer Science (c)


Marc Campbell
“The Conceptual Significance of a New Relationship Schema Activation Methodology”
Advisors: Gregory Pierce, Psychology (p); Penny Yee, Psychology (c)

Rebecca Pierce
“The Evangelical Poor in Bogota, Columbia”
Advisors: Dennis Gilbert, Sociology (p); Gwen Dordick, Sociology (c); Mitchell Stevens, Sociology (c)

Leandre Waldo
“A Reconsideration of the Battered Woman Syndrome: Sociological, Psychological, and Legal Implications”
Advisors: Margaret Gentry, Women's Studies (p); Carol Drogus, Government (c); Gwen Dordick, Sociology (c)

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