Forms for Advising

Course Change Form

This form is required to add or drop courses during the first week of classes. It can also be used for closed course permission.

Independent Coverage of Coursework

This is used to request that a student be allowed to cover an existing Hamilton course independently. For example, the course might be required for the major, but not offered when the student requires it.

Independent Study

This form is to be used when a student proposes independent work in place of a regular course under the supervision of a faculty member.

Petition for Transfer of Credit

This form is used for either study at a US college or university or for study abroad to request transfer credit from courses taken the summer or during a semester on leave.

Transcript Request

Federal Regulations require that the students submit a signed request before the College releases any of their academic records. Students need to print, complete, sign, and send their request to the Registrar’s Office in Elihu Root House or by fax (315) 859-4632. There is no charge for individual transcripts. Students pay a one-time fee their first semester to cover the cost of all future transcript requests.

Declaration of Concentration

Used by sophomores to declare their concentration(s) and for change in concentration(s) after sophomore year.

Declaration of Interdisciplinary Concentration

For students who propose their own concentrations intersecting two or more academic departments.

Declaration of a Minor

Students may elect one or two minors along with a regular concentration. With this form, student may also request a change in minor(s).

General Petition

This forms is used to petition the Committee on Academic Standing for requests for late course adds and drops and exceptions to regulations for study abroad and to other academic regulations described in the college catalogue.

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