Registration is held in November and April. Each student is assigned a registration time during their registration days.

Spring 2020 Registration dates

Class of 2020: November 11 and 12
Class of 2021:  November 14 and 15
Class of 2022: November 18 and 19                                               
Class of 2023: November 21 and 22


  1. Schedule an appointment to meet with your faculty advisor during their advising time. Don’t wait until the last minute to try to see your advisor.
  2. You can use Student Planning or WebAdvisor to review the course schedule and prepare for registration.
  3. Review your Program Requirements, My Progress in Student Planning.
  4. Preview the Spring Term Course Schedule.
  5. Discuss your course choices for Spring 2020 and academic plans with your faculty advisor.
  6. Your advisor must update your status in WebAdvisor in order for you to be eligible to register. DO NOT LEAVE your meeting until you are sure your advisor has done this. You will not be able to access the system if your status has not been updated.
  7. You must have cleared any registration holds before you can access the system. This will include holds placed by the Business Office or the Dean of Students Office.
  8. At your assigned time, log in to Student Planning or WebAdvisor to access the registration system. (see: Registration Process for more information about the registration “time window.”)


  • Students may register for no more than 4 full-credit courses during this period. Students who want to take 5 full-credit courses may pick up the extra course during the add/drop period.
  • Students may register for partial-credit courses in addition to the 4 full-credit courses. The maximum number of credits may be no more than 4.75 units.
  • All students are advised to have one or two alternate courses for each preferred choice. This will make the registration process go more quickly in case you find a conflict or are closed out of a first-choice course.
  • COURSES ARE FILLED ON A FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED BASIS. The status of a course will be updated to CLOSED or WAITLIST when the last available seat has been taken.

NOTE: Many departments have restricted courses to specific class years. Please check the REGISTRATION RESTRICTIONS LIST when you plan your schedule. An R to the far right of a course in the course listings also indicates that the course has restrictions.

You can also see Registration Restrictions on WebAdvisor by clicking on the Course Title. Look for the Restrictions block on the Section Information screen.

Section Balancing

Multi-section course may require balancing after registration to assure an even distribution of students among the sections, and to place as many students in the course as possible.

Courses with Permission Required

To register for Courses that require instructor’s permission, please contact the instructor to be granted permission through Academic Planning or bring a completed and signed Course Change Form to the Registrar’s Office during regular business hours during your class registration window.

Schedule Adjustments

There will be a schedule adjustment period after the registration period. Dates and times will be announced at a later date.

Class Year Determination

Class year is determined by the total number of units a student is currently registered for and the total number of units completed. Class years are changed when it is determined that the student will not have enough credits completed at the end of the term to complete with the rest of the class. If a student is able to make up the credits through approved summer transfer credits, a class year can be adjusted after the work is completed. Students who plan to complete their requirements in December will be members of the following May’s class and will be granted their diploma at the ceremony in May.

Students will receive notice of their class year change and the appropriate offices/department on campus will be notified.

Critical Language Courses

Korean and Swahili are offered as self-instructional courses with students meeting in small groups four times weekly with a student tutor. Exams are administered and grades assigned by an outside examiner.  Please read the Student Study Guide on the Critical Languages Program website for important information on program format: www.hamilton.edu/criticallanguages.  Follow the normal procedure for enrolling in Korean and Swahili. The class schedule will be determined within the first few days of the semester, once the tutor and student course schedules are collected.


Information about required textbooks can be found online by clicking on the course title in any WebAdvisor screen. Only courses that have determined final textbooks will be available on WebAdvisor.

Additional information may be available from instructors. You can also learn more about buying your textbooks at the College Bookstore.

How to Read the Schedule

Some departments reserve spaces for each class year. That information is available on WebAdvisor. In the Spaces Column of any Section Results, the number of seats reserved for a class will display. If there is no line for a class, it means that no spaces are reserved.

The Spaces Column is divided into 4 values:

Available – the number of seats available for the class currently registering
Current Cap – The number of seats available for the class that is registering
Full Cap – The full capacity of the course
Waitlist – The number of students currently on a waitlist for this section

Key Dates
Important Deadlines

Key Dates

Feb. 28: last day to exercise credit/no credit option
Feb. 28: last day to drop a course
Mar. 6: last day to declare leave of absence for fall 2020
May 11: classes end
May 13-17: final exams

Contact Information

Registrar's Office

Elihu Root House
198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323

Mon.-Fri.: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
315-859-4637 315-859-4632 regofc@hamilton.edu
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