If you are receiving financial aid (including parent and student loans) or you are on the payment plan and would like to continue with the plan, you will need to complete a Consortium Agreement.

Consortium Agreement

A Consortium Agreement is a binding agreement between eligible schools, which enables Hamilton College students to receive both federal and institutional financial aid from Hamilton College while studying away through a sponsoring institution. Hamilton College remains your Home Institution while the visiting school is referred to as the Sponsoring Institution. All components of the Consortium Agreement must be completed in full before the agreement will be processed.


  1. Students must complete the Consortium Agreement. Once completed, the student must click on “Send Agreement to Sponsoring Institution.” This will forward the agreement to the Sponsoring Institution Program Administrator listed on the Consortium Agreement.
  2. The Sponsoring Institute will then complete their portion of the Consortium Agreement and return to Hamilton College.
  3. Please complete this Consortium Agreement as soon as you are accepted into your study away program.

All billing statements from the sponsoring institution should be forwarded to the Hamilton College Student Accounts Office. Hamilton College will be responsible for forwarding payments for incurred fees and will continue to authorize payments as long as there is a sufficient credit balance on your account. Payment can not be sent to the sponsoring institution until your Hamilton account reflects sufficient funds.


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