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International Students

Hamilton meets the full demonstrated financial need of every admitted international student for all four years. International students/families that are receiving need-based financial aid are required to apply for financial aid annually.

Last year, international students at Hamilton received $3 million in financial aid. While this may seem like a substantial amount, the pool of international students applying for this aid is extremely competitive. Financial aid packages typically include Hamilton College Scholarship and campus employment.

International students who wish to be considered for financial aid must apply at the time of admission. Financial Aid applications will not be accepted or considered after admission decisions have been made. Those who do not apply or qualify at the point of admission will not be eligible for financial aid for any of their four years at Hamilton.

Financial Aid Forms

Students who are not United States citizens or permanent residents should complete the Certification of Finances and the CSS Profile. A Non-Custodial Profile is required, if applicable. These forms are available on our Applying for Aid page and should be submitted to the Financial Aid Office by the required deadline.

Studying Off Campus

Hamilton encourages all students to take advantage of the many off-campus study programs approved by the college. All students receiving financial aid who choose to study off-campus (including our international students) may apply their financial aid toward their off-campus study costs.

Working While at Hamilton

International students who qualify for financial aid may be eligible for an on-campus job opportunity. Most students limit employment to 10 hours a week. There are a variety of different employment opportunities available on-campus. In order to work off campus, students need employment authorization from the US government. Once this is obtained, you can work anywhere inside the US over the summer or winter breaks, but not during the school year. The International Student Advisor in the Dean of Students Office can help you prepare the official documents needed to obtain the work authorization, while the Career Center will assist you in finding a job or internship.

Need-Blind Admission for International Students

Due to the limited resources available for international students, the Admission Committee cannot be need-blind when evaluating applications from international students. Therefore, it is in the student’s best interest to be honest about his or her family’s ability to pay, including the exact amount the family is able to contribute to a Hamilton education. Failure to do so may jeopardize a student’s chance for admission to Hamilton. Please note that because an application for financial aid can be a factor considered in the admission decision for international students, applicants who indicate on the admission application that they will not be applying for financial aid are NOT eligible for financial aid consideration for all four years.

Contact Information

Office of Financial Aid

800-859-4413 315-859-4962 finaid@hamilton.edu
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