Need-Based Scholarships/Grants

  • Hamilton Scholarships & Grants and Hamilton Endowed Scholarships
    Hamilton need-based scholarships and grants are determined annually based upon financial aid application materials. Hamilton Endowed Scholarships, also awarded to meet financial need, account for roughly 40% of the more than $55 million scholarship budget, representing gifts from alumni and friends of the college. No separate application is required for consideration of endowed scholarship eligibility.
  • Federal Pell Grants
    Federal Pell Grants are awarded to U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens. The amount of the Pell Grant is determined by the federally-defined Student Aid Index (SAI). In the class of 2027, approximately 18% of Hamilton’s first-year students are Pell Grant recipients. To estimate your Pell Grant and federal aid eligibility, please visit the Department of Education (DOE) Federal Student Aid Estimator.  
  • Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) Awards
    TAP Awards are based on taxable income for New York State residents.
  • Outside Scholarships and Tuition Benefits
    A student must report outside scholarships and tuition benefits to the Financial Aid Office. Hamilton's policy is to use outside scholarships to reduce or replace the loan and/or work-study included in a student's financial aid offer. Outside scholarships exceeding these amounts will be used to reduce or replace a student's summer earnings expectation. Outside scholarships beyond the reductions mentioned will then replace Hamilton College Scholarship dollar-for-dollar. Neither an outside scholarship nor a tuition benefit will reduce the parent contribution.


Office of Financial Aid

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