Wait List Explained

As you consider your college options, we hope this information will help clarify our decision and that you will consider remaining on our wait list in the event that admission to Hamilton may become available for you at a later date. Regardless of your decision, we thank you for your interest in Hamilton and wish you all the best for your college career!

  • In any given year, several hundred students may be offered spaces on Hamilton’s wait list. Of this number, nearly two-thirds will choose to withdraw immediately because they have made alternative college plans.

  • Those candidates who choose to remain on the wait list will be held for further review near or after May 1, the date by which regularly admitted students must either accept or decline our offers of admission. It is not until that time that we really know how close we are to filling Hamilton’s first-year class.

  • If we still have places available in the first-year class as May 1 approaches (or after), all who have asked to stay on the wait list will be considered. The actual number of places offered to wait list candidates is unpredictable, but has varied in recent years from as few as zero to more than 50.

  • There is no numerical ranking on Hamilton’s wait list. If there are any openings in the class, all candidates in the active waiting pool will be reviewed, and selections will be made on the basis of overall academic and personal strength, as well as degree of interest in attending Hamilton. We also make an effort to balance the overall composite of the first-year class.

  • Admission from Hamilton’s wait list will remain uncertain until May 1 approaches, and consideration could continue well into the summer months as spots become available. You may elect to remove your name from consideration at any time. As soon as we feel that further openings are unlikely to occur, we will “release” all remaining candidates.

  • If Hamilton is your top choice, we hope you will let us know.  At the same time, it may be in your best interest to fully pursue your other options and pay an enrollment deposit at one of your other colleges, on the chance that a spot at Hamilton may not become available.

  • We regret that we are unable to grant interviews to students who have been placed on the wait list, but you should feel free to write or call the Admission Office if you have any questions or additional information you would like to be included with your application.

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