1994 Bell Ringer Award
Citation for William S. Bradley ’56

Buffalo-born and bred, you followed your father, Donald D. Bradley ’28, to Hamilton from the Nichols School. While on the Hill, you pursued an awe-inspiring variety of interests while still managing to keep up with the books. After the Wharton School and a stint in the Navy, you returned to Buffalo and life as an incredibly busy businessman.

Still, you have always found time for community service as a member of the board of many charitable organizations and educational institutions, ranging from the Salvation Army and the Crippled Children’s Camp to Medaille College and SUNY Buffalo. Most of all, you have unfailingly found time for Hamilton.

You have not only taken on high-visibility posts, such as president of the Alumni Association and chairman of the Alumni Council from 1986 to 1988, but you have also willingly labored in the trenches with full heart and soul as a volunteer. Whenever alma mater has called, and that has been often, you have responded enthusiastically. No capital campaign within memory has been launched without your active participation, and as a free agent for the Annual Fund for longer than records go back, you have made more calls than just about anyone else, and with spectacular success. Although you may not be able to get blood from a stone, you certainly have a way of prying cash out of a wallet.

Beyond your generosity of commitment to alumni affairs and fund-raising activities, you have made the largest contribution you possibly could to the success of Hamilton’s admission program, and to the College’s tuition income, we might add. Your four Children, Peter, David, Timothy, and Michelle, are now all graduates of the College, and your alma mater shares your pride in them.

A few years ago, you noted that Hamilton helped you and your classmates prepare for the future “by pushing us beyond our limits to prove that our limits were not where we thought they were.” Today, on your own, you continue to push beyond those limits, of time, of energy, of enthusiastic commitment, and as a consequence you have repaid, many times over, Hamilton’s help to you.

Presented by Susan Scheriff
President, Alumni Association
June 4, 1994


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