1992 Bell Ringer Award
Citation for Peter B. Daymont ’26

A Utica-area boy born and bred, you first came to College Hill 70 years ago this fall. While excelling academically, you earned your keep as a chapel bell ringer, one of the Quasimodos of the Quadrangle, to quote your own quaint words. After your graduation as Valedictorian of the Class of 1926, you remained on the Hill for three years to teach English and public speaking. That was followed by a brief fling as a textbook salesman before you returned to your natural habitat, the classroom. You began a 32-year career as a Latin and physics teacher at Utica Free Academy, where you also headed the science department, and concluded it at New Hartford High School. We have it on unimpeachable authority that you were greatly admired by your students, many of whom you helped steer to Hamilton.

Much more than a local recruiter and cheerleader for the College, you have devotedly served it in multifarious ways, from Alumni Council member to reunion planner and campaign volunteer. In 1941, when Hamilton’s modern Annual Fund was first launched, you were among its class agents, and over 50 years later, you still are. With a cajoling tongue, a pleading palm, and punning while dunning, you have won for your class the Couper Cup more times than we can count on our fingers. In exchange for all that, you have been extended the hospitality of Hamilton’s golf course, with all its hazards, especially its sand traps. Even-tempered as always, you have taken it in stride, expect to complain that golf balls deserve burial in sand of higher quality. You are not only an incomparably gentle man but an exemplary son of your alma mater, for no alumnus has been more ardently supportive of our College than you.

Presented by the Alumni Council Chair
June 6, 1992

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