1988 Bell Ringer Award
Citation for Daniel L. Royce ’50

As a son of the West, you have carried on an admirable tradition both as a hotel proprietor and as a devoted Hamiltonian. Through two generations, the warm and welcoming hospitality of the Royce family has been extended to alumni and to others of our college community who chance to find themselves in the Golden State. And that hospitality has increased as more students matriculate from that once unfamiliar part of Hamilton’s world.

In recent years, you have become not only our great Western host, providing room at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe for visiting Hamiltonians, but also a leader among alumni in Southern California. The first president of the recently formed Alumni Association of San Diego, you have helped in particular to organize and energize our growing alumni contingent south of Los Angeles. In addition, you have greatly aided future alumni by contributing to the support of Hamilton’s students through the Stephen W. Royce Scholarship, established by your father in 1964.

As an exemplar of family fidelity to the College and as an active participant in alumni affairs, you merit well our recognition. However, as a representative survivor of the “Crazy Mixed-Up Years” on College Hill, you provide us with still a third reason for this award. Yourself a veteran of World War II, you joined a host of other ex-GIs in those hectic postwar days when life on this campus was again revived. Consisting of old-timers picking up where they left off, along with many of your fellow pea-green freshmen, those veterans together created a new atmosphere at a time of new beginnings, and old Hamilton has never been the same since.

On this special Reunion Weekend, we take particular pride in saluting you, and through you, all the other survivors of those “Crazy Mixed-Up Years,” graduates and non-graduates alike, who have done so much for Hamilton. Your alma mater is truly grateful for your constant and continuing loyalty and support.

Presented by
Alumni Council Chair
June 4, 1988


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Alumni & Parent Relations

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Director, Alumni & Parent Relations

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