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W. Lawrence "Lawry" Gulick '52

As a student, dean and alumnus, you have enhanced the college experience for generations of Hamiltonians. If the Buffers were here today, they’d make the point by singing your praises — after all, you were pivotal in establishing the group when you were a member of the College Choir. Seniors who claim their beautifully carved canes at Commencement have you to thank for that tangible reminder of their Hamilton experience. As dean, you came up with the idea to bestow them, and that now has been our tradition for some 40 years.

Over the decades you have been an integral part of your alma mater even as you distinguished yourself as a scholar and raised an accomplished family that includes a Hamilton graduate. You earned a doctorate in physiological psychology from Princeton University and produced a body of work that includes four textbooks and dozens of scholarly articles. You spent a decade as a professor at Dartmouth, then, to our good fortune, returned to Hamilton to serve as dean from 1975 to 1979. Your legacy from those years includes establishing the Senior Fellowship program and welcoming new students at matriculation in the Kirkland Cottage. You moved from Hamilton dean to Hamilton professor until you assumed the presidency of St. Lawrence University in 1981. Your next career challenge was as professor and resident scholar at the University of Delaware. 

Throughout all that, your contributions as an alumnus have been steadfastly generous. You’ve served on the Alumni Council, your class and reunion committees, and helped in many other ways. You and your wife, Win, who once worked in Communications & Development, are faithful supporters of the Annual Fund.  

We would never argue with a Hamiltonian who has contributed as much to our College as you have, but we must gently disagree with an observation you made in your 50th reunion yearbook. You wrote, “Hamilton did more for me than I can ever repay.” From our vantage point, the opposite is true. Still, we do our best to honor your devotion. In 1995, we awarded you the Alumni Achievement Medal, and today we present you with the Bell Ringer Award. 

Gordon D. Kaye ’74
President, Alumni Association
June 10, 2017


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