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HK ’75 Hang-Out: Love, Faith, Music, and Golf with Bob Halligan ’75

12/7/2022, 7:00 PMVIRTUAL

Bob Halligan ’75 turned a winter study project into Steak Nite, our favorite college band. He has written over 1,100 songs, 200 of which have been recorded by artists internationally with sales of over 30 million units. Cher, KISS, Michael Bolton, Judas Priest, and many others have helped put nine gold & platinum records on Halligan’s wall, including the hit song “Don’t Close Your Eyes” by KIX. For 27 years Bob has led the high-energy Celtic pop-rock group Ceili Rain. Bob also portrays Paul McCartney in the Beatlemania Stage Show, and his one-man show, PaulTheBeatle, has enjoyed great success with audiences around the US. Join Bob as he talks about these experiences and his many accomplishments in songwriting, performing, film scoring, teaching, and the music business. 

All members of the Hamilton/Kirkland community are welcome. This Hangout will be particularly interesting for those that were on campus in the mid-70’s

Bob has sung on recordings with such notables as Billy Joel and Michael McDonald. Bob was truly honored when he was invited to sing at a Papal gathering of 100,000 people in Italy last year and had the deeply moving honor of meeting Pope Francis. And through it all, he has maintained a 10.4 golf handicap! Bob and his wife Linda have been together since his junior prom. “She was participating in a prayer group. It made me jealous like Jesus was ‘the other man.’ Her sincere & joyous faith ended up being something I wanted for myself.” That faith and their marriage have sustained them through the incredible rigor of life in the music business.

Google Bob Halligan Jr., and his Ceili Rain, for more on his amazing career.

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