Maximum 15 players

5x5 on the court

A player may only play on one team in each league.

A league: Maximum 1 varsity player per team

B league: No Varsity Players


Team that forfeits receives loss

Teams can play with four players

First forfeit results in a warning

Second forfeit results in inability to make playoffs

Result Reporting

The captain of the winning team is required to submit an email which includes the names of both teams and the score to the Imbb@hamilton.edu before 10:00pm the day after the game. Failure to report a score will result in a loss for both teams.

Notify through email if opposing team forfeits

In game rules

2x20 minute halves  


Call your own fouls during the regular season

During playoffs, refs will call fouls

A foul results in possession except for last 2 minutes of half where the first two fouls result in one-and-one free-throw for first two fouls and two free-throws after two fouls  


Running clock, with the exception of the last 2 minutes of each half

Keep your own time during the regular season

During playoffs, refs will keep time

2 Time outs (1 minute each) per game


Scoring with 2 and 3 pointers

There will be a jump ball to start the game; alternate possession will be in effect for the remainder of the game


5 minute running clock

1 additional time out

When in doubt, follow NCAA basketball rules


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