Welcome to the inaugural “Continental Challenge” 2024! The hardest part of change or starting a new routine is showing up, and you have taken the important first step!

*For Hamilton employees only*
What is the Continental Challenge?

Hamilton College Wellness is teaming up with one of the premier training and coaching facilities in the region, Mohawk Valley Wellness, under the direction of owner John Bartholomeo. The emphasis of this challenge is on nutrition, but you will be provided continuous education and guidance on sleep, movement, mindset, tracking for success, and more.

OBJECTIVE: Embark on a journey to BE HEALTHIER. Our challenge is designed to help you reduce body fat and increase muscle, or simply put, lose weight and feel better. Start building momentum towards an improved body composition with us!

DURATION: Four exciting weeks of transformation!  This is the perfect time frame to stay focused and make significant progress that you can continue to build on after the challenge.

The Challenge 4 week period : February 5th - March 3rd. 

Key Features:

  • Digital Access to the M.V. Wellness Success Playbook for shedding extra pounds.
  • InBody 570 Readings: Track your body composition changes of the course of the four weeks *on campus*.
  • Daily videos from Coach John.
  • Support from M.V. Wellness Coaches along the way.
  • Accountability through weekly check-ins.
  • Food List to make your meal planning easier.
  • At Home Workouts: Beginner level workouts you can do at home with no or little equipment.
  • Travel Workouts: Beginner level workouts you can do while on the road at a hotel gym or right in your hotel room.
  • Going Out To Eat Survival Guide: A step-by-step guide on how to eat well even while frequenting restaurants.
  • Grocery List for your meal planning.
  • 90 page full-color cookbook
  • 10 Complimentary meal prep trays 
All that sounds great! How do I participate? And are there any incentives?
  1. Make a commitment to improving your nutrition and wellness picture for these 4 weeks.
  2. The success rate when completing the four weeks skyrockets when having an accountability partner. Although not necessary, we strongly encourage you to participate with a partner.
  3. All participants that complete the 4 weeks will get a premium t-shirt and be entered into several raffle prizes. 
  4. The first 30 registrants will receive a free food scale at the start of the challenge.
  5. Follow all instructions in the Registration section.

Over $1,500 total in prizes for Partnerships!

  • 1st Place Partnership: Over $800 in total value!

$160 Cash - Double your registration back in cash! 80 per partner.
2 Free months at Mohawk Valley Wellness per winner
2 Jugs of Pro 7 from NutriShop New Hartford
2 $50 Lafa Gift Cards

  • 2nd Place Partnership: Over $500  in total value!

$80 Cash ($40 / $40)
 1 Free month at Mohawk Valley Wellness per winner.
2 Jugs of BCAAs from NutriShop New Hartford
2 $35 Dollar Gift Cards for Lafa

  • 3rd Place Partnership: Over $200 in total value!

 $40 cash ($20 per partner)
2 weeks free  at Mohawk Valley Wellness
2 Greens Superfoods from NutriShop New Hartford
2 - $20 Lafa Gift Cards

What about the solo folks!?

 There will be special prizes for top individual achievers, along with raffle entries for all. And you know Steph loves coming up with Hamilton Welllness swag to give away!


You're interested, but have more questions. Let's answer them!

ABSOLUTELY. In fact, it is encouraged. You may not be in the running for the transformational prize levels, but the degree of access, support, and coaching content from John's team at Mohawk Valley Wellness is incredibly significant. You essentially have access to personal advisors and coaches throughout the challenge! You will only increase your knowledge base in your nutrition and wellness, which will lead to optimization of what you are already doing well.

No you do not. You can participate as an individual but it is strongly recommended. As the saying goes, there is strength in numbers. An accountability-buddy is a great asset to keeping you on track and maintaining committment.

Of course not, this is voluntary remember!. We are all human, and we all have unique accommodations based on our personal health picture. You can dial up or dial down the intensity of your challenge as needed for you.

As part of this challenge, you will receive weekly InBody 570 readings to evaluate your body composition: weight, muscle mass, body fat mass, and other valuable metrics. These are non-invasive in nature and are equitable with standing on a scale for 45 seconds. That's it! All readings will take place on campus.

Baseline, pre-challenge readings will be established during the week prior to the challenge (January 29th - February 2nd), and then once weekly throughout the challenge. Final, post-challenge readings will take place March 4th, 5th, and 6th. Prize category winners will be determined by the change between baseline and post-challenge readings.

A dedicated Facebook group will be created by John in which all videos will be posted, and discussions can take place. 

Don't have Facebook or avoid social media all together? Don't worry, all content can be distributed via email to those who would prefer that method.

Furthermore, you will have unlimited email access to John directly for any individual questions or discussions!

Actually, no! The emphasis of this challenge is on nutrition. However...your success will only be dramatically improved by combining these improvements and refinements in nutrition, with some dedicated physical activity.

As always, the Hamilton College fitness center and our athletics facilities are at your free disposal. If you have an outside gym membership that you use, great! If you prefer to workout at home, great! The challenge content will also provide a library of simple, at-home exercises and workouts you can get started with if you currently do not have a routine.

Yes, through funding sponsorship with Hamilton Wellness, the out-of-pocket cost for participants is reduced to $40 per person. For the degree of access to the Mohawk Valley Wellness support team and education, this is a fraction of their typical cost!

Check out this introduction video by John to ease any remaining concerns and questions


There is a 2-step process to register for this challenge for each person:

  1. Complete this Google Form 
  2. Register and pay for $40 fee through the MVW platform HERE


Challenge Support Team

John Bartholomeo

Owner & President, Mohawk Valley Wellness


John Bartholomeo is the owner and the head coach at Mohawk Valley Wellness (formerly Mohawk Valley Crossfit). John was introduced to CrossFit while working in Iraq first as a Marine and then as a private contractor. After being exposed to CrossFit John’s training and nutrition have been completely changed. John currently holds his CrossFit 2 Level trainer certificate and a host of other certificates CrossFit and non CrossFit related. John is extremely passionate about all dimensions of Wellness, including coaching, nutrition, mindset management, and enjoys working with members of all experience levels. John has competed in CrossFit, Power lifting, Weightlifting, and Strongman competitions. John finds as much pleasure if not more in training and coaching new athletes than he does from competing himself.

Mohawk Valley Wellness

Learn more about Mohawk Valley Wellness on their website below, and on social media: Instagram: @mohawkvalleywellness Facebook: Mohawk Valley Wellness


Contact Name

Stephanie Kowell

Assistant Athletics Director for Fitness and Recreation

Office Location
Blood Fitness Center

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