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Dining Services

Welcome to Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit was founded in 1987; daring to try something new and different by creating an onsite custom restaurant experience for our guests. Our chefs are committed to providing a unique, healthy and flavorful dining experience at every meal. Bon Appétit works toward “food service for a sustainable future.” A sustainable future for food service means flavorful food that’s healthy and economically viable for all, produced through practices that respect farmers, workers, and animals; nourish the community; and replenish our shared natural resources for future generations.

Dining Hours & Menus Catering Services


Food Service Advisory Committee

Members of Bon Appétit's management team meet regularly with the campus food service advisory committee to review the campus dining program. Everyone is invited to join the discussion about menus, programs and services. Watch for notices regarding meeting times and places.

Our Management Team

Al Carnevale

Manager, The Green Café at McEwen

Contact Information

Bon Appétit Office

315-859-4975 315-859-4964 bamco@hamilton.edu
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