The Protestant Chapel Community offers worship, social, educational and various spiritual experiences available to the Hamilton College community. Here is our mission statement.

Weekly Sunday Protestant Chapel Services

The Protestant Chapel Community gathers for worship every Sunday the college is in session at 6 pm in the chapel. We invite various musical guests to join us, and we share a meal together on the platform of the chapel in a service we call "Soul Food."

Musical Spirituality

We are blessed with the musical leadership of Bob Ford, jazz pianist who anchors our music program, inviting various singers and instrumentalists to enhance the spiritual quality of Dinner Vespers. We are hopeful about our Gospel Choir re-starting to give an outlet for a cappella spiritual singing. More...

Spiritual Retreats

At least once per semester, a chance to get off-campus in a cabin with a wood-burning stove by a pond to reflect on spiritual life, sacred texts, and deeper connections. More...

The Art of Spiritual Inquiry

A non-credit chapel course brings together a group of students from a range of spiritual backgrounds, exploring spiritual expressions in the form of brief readings and weekly journal writing. One-hour meeting per week on Fridays at 3 p.m. More...

Individual Study Opportunities

Engage in an independent study – for credit or non-credit – in areas including: Intro to Christian Theology & Creeds, Intro to the Bible (Old & New Testaments), Protestant Religious History in America. More...

Help us provide an accessible education, offer innovative resources and programs, and foster intellectual exploration.

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