• As a precautionary measure, the College is relocating all Glenview residents to other campus residence halls for the remainder of the semester. This decision follows recent test results revealing the presence of commonly occurring molds within the buildings’ walls and ventilation units. No toxigenic molds, such as Stachybotrys chartarum (i.e., “black mold”), were found.

  • Please join me in welcoming Rev. Y. Trevor Beauford as interim director of spiritual and religious life and chaplain at Hamilton College. He will begin his onboarding at the College next week and be fully in the role for the spring semester.  I remain grateful to the students, staff and faculty who met with Rev. Beauford when he visited Hamilton recently and offered strong support for his appointment.

  • Dear Friends and Family,

    Greetings from the Dean of Students Office! I write during the relative calm of spring break as our students get a well-deserved respite from their routines and before they return to close out the academic year.


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