After-Hours Care

If you need medical assistance when the health center is closed, contact Campus Safety at 859-4141 to arrange free Uber transportation to:
Facility Phone Number
Primary Urgent Care 315-804-6800
Slocum-Dickson Urgent Care 315-798-1400
Faxton Urgent Care 315-624-5226
WellNow Urgent Care (New Hartford) 315-275-3046
St. Luke's Healthcare (ER) 315-624-6112
St. Elizabeth's (ER) 315-798-8111

Students are responsible for the cost of medical services provided by these facilities. Proof of insurance will be required at the time of service.

Local Pharmacy Information

CVS and Kinney Pharmacies offer free delivery service to Hamilton College. For more information, please call the pharmacy of your preference.


39 Meadow Street
Clinton, NY 13323
315-853-5528 (phone)
315-853-6957 (fax)

Kinney Drugs

12 Franklin Ave
Clinton, NY 13323
315-853-3980 (phone)
315-853-3983 (fax)

Contact Information

Health Center

Johnson Center for Health and Wellness
315-859-4111 315-859-4963 After Hours Care
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