The Hill Card and Mobile Credential Hill Card serve as your:

  • Meal plan card
  • Library card
  • Door access card (residence hall exterior doors, all night reading room in Burke Library, Days-Massolo Center, Sadove Student Center, Kennedy Center for Theatre and Studio Arts, Kirner-Johnson, and Science Center)
  • ID for entrance to the fitness center

On-Campus Debit Card

The Hill Card HC All Campus funds can be used for purchases at:

  • Barnes & Noble Bookstore in the Sadove Student Center
  • Fojo Beans (South) at McEwen Hall
  • Fojo Beans (North) at Taylor Science Center
  • Euphoria Coffee Cafe at Sadove Center
  • Food purchases not included in your meal plan
  • Laundry, Vending, and Public Copiers
  • Mail Center and Print Shop
  • PaperCut (to add funds to PaperCut quota - students only)

Manage Hill Card on eAccounts

Log in to eAccounts using your Hamilton College username and password to:

  • Deposit money into campus debit account
  • Freeze and unfreeze your lost or stolen Hill Card
  • View Board plan and vending transaction history
  • Safely store credit card information for scheduled and recurring deposits to the Hill Card.
Guest Deposits

Guest depositors type in the Hamilton email address of the Hill cardholder when making a Guest Deposit to an account. The cardholder will be notified that a deposit has been made.

Download Transact eAccounts Mobile App
  • Once installed (see instructions for Apple and Android devices), search for Hamilton College in the app, then log in with your Hamilton network username and password. The app is free and allows the convenience of mobile access to your account.
  • Mobile Access - You must first enter your credit card information as a Saved Payment Method from the Hamilton Hill Card eAccounts website.

Card Replacement

We have two locations! The Hill Card office at the Bristol Center, Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. or Campus Safety, available 24 hours, seven days/week to print lost, broken, or pub ID cards.

If you lose your card, you should immediately “freeze” your card online. Also, report it to Administrative Services. More ...


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Hill Card Office

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Amber Denny

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