Students and past students (identified as Students below) have the right under FERPA to request to review and inspect their educational records. 

In order to ensure that the request is legitimate, and to facilitate the collection of the appropriate records, students must fill out the Request to Inspect and Review Educational Records and sign the form. The form can be faxed, emailed or mailed to the Registrar’s Office. 

The following applies to Requests for Educational Records 

  1. The College has 45 days from the written request to the Registrar’s office to comply with the request 
  2. The College does not provide copies of Educational Records. Records must be reviewed at the College  and review will be monitored by a College Official.*
  3. Students may make personal notes, but will not be allowed to make copies nor take photographs of records. 
  4. Students may request a copy of their transcript at any time (unless there is a hold for a financial balance).
  5. Admissions records, other than the application, letter of acceptance and high school transcripts are typically shredded or digitally shredded once the student becomes enrolled (first day of classes). 

*When a student can not reasonable make it to campus to view documents, arrangements may be made to have the documents delivered to an agent nearby for review. The same policies noted above would apply to review of the records. 


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