Please review the following funding guidelines before submitting your proposal.
Tax Exemption

Hamilton College is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization with sales tax exempt status in New York State. This means that the College does NOT pay sales tax for College purchases. If you make a purchase for your student organization and pay sales tax, we will not reimburse you for the tax you spent.  Please bring a tax exempt form with you when making college purchases.

More information including other states in which we have reciprocal tax exempt status can be found on the Business Office website.

Travel Funding

Personal car/College van travel is reimbursed according to mileage traveled at a rate of $0.545 cents per mile. Please request funding in your budget proposal for estimated mileage to be traveled (i.e. for a trip of 250 miles round trip: 250 miles x $0.545 cents per mile = $136.25 total mileage request). When using a College van you will be assessed a charge of $0.545 cents per mile driven by Facilities Management. Because of this, when using a College van, you may also apply for funds to cover any tolls you may encounter and any gas money should you be required to refill on the road (recommended for trips in excess of 325 miles). A map must also be provided to document mileage.

Student Assembly will not fund requests for individual transportation tickets (e.g. airfare, train).

Hotel funds for student organizations traveling off-campus are allocated under the expectation that requests will be made for modest hotels. Student organizations must also fill rooms to their capacity, meaning four students per room. (i.e. a trip with 12 students may request up to 3 rooms. A trip with 14 students may request 4 rooms, but a trip with 11 students may NOT request more than 3 rooms.)

Advertisement/Publicity Funding

Advertisement/publicity funding is capped at $20 per event. These funds may be used for different forms of advertisements and publicity.

Food Funding

Food Funding is only granted if food will both enhance the quality of the event and the event remains open to the entire student body. If food is central to the purpose of the event, you may request up to $8 per person for food, and if the food is not central, you may request up to $5 per person. For overnight travel off-campus, the per diem maximum for food is $15 per person. In the case that your event does not meet these requirements – you may request a meal exchange for the guests of your event by emailing catering@hamilton.edu.

Funding Time Frame

Budget Proposals must be submitted using the Strategic and Non-Strategic Budget Proposal forms, which are electronic Google forms.

Strategic budget proposals are due on Saturday, February 9, 2019 at 12 p.m. (NOON)

Non-Strategic budget proposals are due on Saturdays for possible allocation the following Tuesday. You must submit a non-strategic budget proposal at least 10 days prior to your event for the proposal to be considered.

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