Timeline for Starting a New Club for the Fall 2023

  • Tuesday 10/3 @ 8 pm in SDV 112 - New Club Interest meeting (not required, but recommended)
  • Saturday, 10/7 - New Club application goes live
  • Friday, 10/20 @ 11:59 p.m. (midnight) - New Club applications due - hard deadline! Application can be accessed here.
  • Monday 10/23 — Sunday 10/29 -Club Review Board meets to review and vote on applications - voting will be completed by 10/30
  • Sunday 10/29 - All applicants are notified if their New Club is approved or denied
  • Sunday 11/5 - Deadline for denied New Clubs to submit an appeal
  • Monday 11/6 - The Student Assembly Central Council will review and vote on any appeals for denied clubs
  • By Monday 11/13 - All New Clubs will be live in Presence, have their email accounts activated, and have access to reserve space in 25Live
  • Before the end of the semester - New Club Training - time TBD

New Club Recognition

Expand the sections below to learn more about Club/Org Recognition

Apply online via the Application for New Club Recognition. Applications are due Friday, October 21, 2022 at 11:59p.m. (midnight). This is a hard deadline.

The recognition and registration process is intended to:

  • Provide a sustainable and equitable structure for reviewing and recognizing student organizations
  • Promote the formation of student organizations that benefit the Hamilton community
  • Assist students and organizations in taking full advantage of College resources and facilities
  • Provide practical training and leadership development
  • Provide students with the opportunity to gain experience in activities which enhance their education

A student club or organization is a group that is recognized by the Student Assembly Club Review Board and then officially activated by the Student Activities Office. Student clubs and organizations can host events on campus, request funding, and publicize events and meetings. A student club or organization must:

  • Be comprised of at least 5 registered, full-time Hamilton College students
  • Have a stated purpose declared through a Constitution
  • Be open to all members of the Hamilton student body
  • Comply with all College policies
  • Meet criteria for recognition as outlined by the Club Review Board (CRB) or designated administrator from the Student Activities Office

  • Use of College name & marketing resources
  • Creation of an organization email account
  • Mass email privileges
  • Ability to reserve rooms for meetings/events and College vans for off-campus trips
  • Posting privileges to hang posters in common spaces on campus
  • Use of a College budget line managed through the Student Activities Office
  • Eligibility to apply for funding from Student Assembly (or other designated funding source)
  • Collect membership dues and hold fundraisers
  • Request services from the College Print Shop, Facilities Management, AV Services, and Bon Appetit catering
  • Reserve cash boxes, cash advances, credit cards, and Hill Card readers for event purchases and fundraising
  • Ability for Student Activities staff to review and approve offer letters and contracts for artists and event vendors

  • Designated student committee within Student Assembly who is responsible for reviewing and approving/denying applications for New Club recognition
  • Committee chair is the Organization Relations Rep from SA, Alexandra Kropaneva ‘25
  • Comprised of students from Student Assembly assigned to the CRB Committee
  • Advised by the Associate Director of Student Activities
  • Reviews applications using established criteria
  • 2/3 vote of committee members is required for a vote to pass a decision (to approve or deny a new club)
  • The Club Review Board consults with certain administrators regarding the approval of special club categories

  • If your new club application fits into one of these categories, the CRB will send your application to these administrators for their review.
    • Club Sports are reviewed by Steph Kowell in Athletics
      • It is currently unlikely new club sports will be approved due to limited resources
      • Club sports are competitive sport activities, BUT recreational athletic activities that will not travel for competition are not club sports and can still apply
    • Faith-based and spiritual organizations reviewed by Jeff McArn and his chapel fellows
    • Media publications are reviewed by the Media Board (Chair is Fran Cannon)
    • Greek organizations (fraternities/sororities) are reviewed by Travis Hill in the Dean of Students Office

Applications for New Club Recognition will be evaluated according to the following criteria:  

  • Compliance with the Hamilton College Student Handbook and College policies, including the College’s non-discrimination and hazing policies.
  • Clearly articulated purpose, objectives, and goals of the proposed student organization. This shall be outlined in the student organization’s Constitution.
  • Demonstrated non-duplication of the mission/purpose of currently recognized student organizations. Demonstrated avoidance of evident similarity with another recognized student organization.
  • Feasibility of funding the organization’s projects or goals.
  • Local autonomy of the club; the club is led completely by Hamilton College students without direction, interference, obligation to, any entity external to the Hamilton Community (e.g. a parent organization, national chapter, or charter). If the external entity maintains guidelines, policies, or other documents of any kind that are found by the Club Review Board to be in conflict with the Student Code of Conduct, the Club Handbook, or the Hamilton College non-discrimination policy, the proposed club must disavow such items in its constitution in order to be approved. The club may not function solely or predominantly as a fundraising vehicle for the outside entity, or as a means for the outside entity to host events/programs on campus.
  • Interest by no fewer than 5 Hamilton student-members.
  • Designated executive board (e-board) that includes at least a President and Treasurer.
  • Demonstrated plan for electing leaders and ensuring sustainability of the organization.
  • Demonstrated plan for storing equipment/resources, if applicable.
  • Demonstrated benefit to the Hamilton community.
  • Demonstrated need for recognition based on benefits provided to recognized student organizations.

When you submit your application to start a New Club/Org, you will need to draft and upload a Constitution for your proposed organization. Your Constitution should follow the Constitution Template provided by the Student Activities Office. Download the template and fill it in for your specific organization. All sections in red MUST be included.

  • New Clubs will be granted privileges to send all-campus emails, reserve rooms for events, and begin recruiting members (within 1 week of approval)
  • New Clubs will be in a probationary period for funding for the rest of this academic year
    • During this time, they can request up to $500 total from Student Assembly in funding for the year
  • New Clubs are placed on a Conditional Recognition status until they complete several tasks.
    • Attend the Mandatory New Club Training
      • At least two club e-board members required
    • Complete Title IX training for club leaders
      • Every President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary is required to attend this every academic year
    • Take the virtual 25Live Enhanced User Training 
      • Only required if you will need to reserve events with services like facilities, Bon Appetit, food, or AV support
    • Hold at least 1 interest meeting to recruit members in the fall semester and the spring semester
  • All required trainings are yet to be scheduled and New Club leaders will be notified of the training dates and times.

You can submit an appeal of the Club Review Board's decision to deny your New Club application. Appeals must be submitted within one week and will be reviewed and voted on by the Student Assembly Central Council.

Here is a more detailed description of the appeals process:

  • Student submits a written request outlining the reasons for the appeal to the Alex Kropaneva, Chair of the CRB, via email at saorgs@hamilton.edu within seven days of the date of the Club Review Board’s original decision
    • Due Sunday, November 6th at 11:59pm (midnight)
  • The appeal will be presented by the Club Review Board members at the following Student Assembly meeting (Monday November 7th at 8:30pm)
  • The student leader is welcome to come to the meeting and answer questions from the CRB and Student Assembly
  • The Student Assembly Central Council will vote to either approve or deny the appeal
    • A 2/3 vote is required for the vote to pass
  • The decision by the Central Council cannot be appealed

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