Academic Year (or Semester) in Spain

Application and Enrollment


Enrollment is normally limited to 45 students. The program is open to undergraduates of accredited colleges and universities. Although the program is designed primarily for students who will be in their junior year, qualified undergraduates who will be sophomores or seniors will receive consideration. To be admitted, students must demonstrate a good academic record (at least a B overall average) and high grades in Spanish (with at least one college course above the intermediate level). The program is open to Spanish majors as well as majors in other fields, such as art, European history, philosophy and political science.

The selection of applicants is based on a careful examination of their scholastic achievements, their mastery of Spanish, and other available indications of academic promise. Each candidate must also be recommended by the chair of the department of his or her respective major.

Admission - Application Procedures

A nonrefundable fee of $50 must be submitted with the application through Reg-Online. The application files for full-year and for fall students must be completed no later than March 1. The deadline for spring students is October 1. You are encouraged, however, not to wait until the last minute before completing application forms. The application deadlines for financial aid are identical.  If you are contemplating the Academic Year in Spain, you would be wise to start planning well in advance. You should discuss the project thoroughly with your parents, guardians, advisors and professors, and should carefully lay out the courses that you will take upon returning to your home college. Experience has shown that applications, transcripts and records are frequently received too late for consideration. Please make sure that these documents are sent on time. No exceptions will be made.

Any student who is accepted for the fall semester and then requests a change to the spring must reapply for admission. A partial loss of fees paid may also result from such a change.