The roundtable is designed to draw together individuals to discuss and to address a specific and long-standing social problem. The facilitator, often a faculty member, introduces a social problem and leads an initial discussion in the hopes that there will be an on-going collective effort to address the issue in a meaningful way.

Roundtables meet on Friday afternoons and attract students, faculty, staff, and community members. All members of the Hamilton community are welcome to propose and lead an Innovation Roundtable.

Past Roundtables

Sexual Assault Prevention and Education

Hamilton College spent the summer of 2014 updating its sexual assault policy to become more effective in handling complaints. The college also has increased its programs directed at first years surrounding sexual assault and its prevention. A roundtable met during the 2014-2015 to consider the following questions.  How do we make sure this education is sustained throughout students' college careers? How do we reach out to upperclass students? The roundtable was led by Meredith Bonham, Senior Associate Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator. 

Incarceration and Reentry

Once released, ex-offenders find that the transition back into society is not always a smooth one. The Roundtable considered the following questions.  What are the challenges facing formerly incarcerated individuals who are returning to their communities?  What are some ways that would help their prospects of gaining employment? Led by Professor of Economics Stephen Wu.

Hunger in Utica

Children in Utica are going hungry when SNAP assistance runs out at the end of the month.  The average SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefit is $1.40/person/meal. This roundtable addressed what can be done to help Utica families on SNAP who are struggling to feed their children and implemented an on-going solution titled The Harvest. 


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