For Summer 2022, Hamilton students can apply for the internship if they have taken a course on inequality or one that touches on poverty. You may count courses that you plan to take during the spring of the year you are applying.  If you have questions about whether a course counts, email us at levitt@hamilton.edu. While not an exhaustive list, possible courses include:

  • Biology 214:  Health Care Systems
  • College 240:  Natural Disaster in the U.S
  • Econ 166:  Economic Theory and Evidence
  • Econ 235/236:  Policy, Poverty, and Practice I and II
  • Econ 340:  Economics of Development
  • Econ 342:  Urban Economics
  • Econ 350:  Economics of Poverty and Income Redistribution
  • Educ 202:  ESOL/SHINE
  • Envst 334:  Environmental Justice, Law, and Policy
  • Government 234:  The Politics of Equality
  • Government 363W:  Poverty and Development
  • Sociology 232W:  Poverty and Inequality
  • WMGST-314:  Seminar on Feminist Perspectives on Class in the U.S.
  • WMGST-327:  Seminar on Aging

June 2 through July 29, 2022

Hamilton’s deadline is December 1, 2021

The Levitt Center will contact you in early December to arrange an interview, and will make selections in late January. Interns must turn in all paperwork and commit to the program by early February.

Students must be first-years, sophomores, or juniors to apply.  The Levitt Council will use a rubric based on SHECP’s guideline recommendations for selecting interns including maturity, genuine interest in issues of poverty and human capability, flexibility, academic aptitude, and humility and emotional intelligence.  It will also consider relevant coursework, volunteer and internship experience, and the lived experience of poverty.

SHECP and/or Hamilton College will cover the cost of housing and transportation, and provide a food stipend. Stipends will vary based on the location and model (virtual, in-person) of the internship. In addition, students who choose to participate in additional activities over the summer (including a blog and 3-5 page reflection paper) will receive an additional $1000 educational award that will be applied to their College account at the end of the summer. 


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