Due to the extended break between the fall and spring semesters, Hamilton’s Arthur Levitt Public Affairs Center offered students the opportunity to spend the time conducting research. The 13 faculty-led groups included an additional 40 students doing research projects as part of a team, for a total of 79 student participants in both programs. They collaborated on a variety of projects that ranged from the philosophical endeavor of community-based teaching to militarized policing and political stability. 

Areas of Study

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  • Elizabeth Arnold ’22, Aidan Leahey ’22, and Isabelle Roselli ’22

    Archaeology as Advocacy: Celebrating Cultural Heritage and Promoting Sustainability in Transylvanian Mining Communities
    Advisor: Colin Quinn, assistant professor of anthropology

  • Sophia Coren ’21, Janna Perez ’23, and Cherry Zhang ’22

    Students of color and the discourse of “diversity and inclusion” at predominately White institutions
    Advisor: Chenyu Wang, visiting assistant professor of anthropology

  • Anyi Rescalvo ’22

    ‘Porque no esta en espanol?: Voices of Latinx Mothers Within the Special Education System in the South Bronx’
    Advisor: Chenyu Wang, visiting assistant professor of anthropology


  • Zeyan Tang ’21

    Seasonal Blues
    Advisor: Rob Knight, associate professor of art

Art History

  • Kyra Richardson ’21

    Consuming Ideology: Advertising, Algorithms, & Individuation
    Advisor: Jay Bloom, visiting associate professor of art history

East Asian Languages and Literatures

  • Nyaari Kothiya ’23, Jason Le ’23, and Anna Sakamoto ’23

    “What was it like, what is it like, to be ‘Asian’ at Hamilton College?”
    Advisor: Kyoko Omori, associate professor of East Asian languages and literatures


  • George Diebel ’23, Huzair Latif ’23, and Maya Mathews ’23

    Majority Minority County Mortality Rates during the COVID-19 Pandemic: an Economic Study
    Advisor: Ann Owen, professor of economics and Henry Platt Bristol Professor of Public Policy

  • Taron Kui ’22, Weihan Lin ’22, and Qian Ren ’22

    FinTech, financial inclusion, and income inequality: understanding the distributional effects of FinTech on tackling income inequality with cross classes and countries examination
    Advisor: Chris Georges, the Elias W. Leavenworth Professor of Economics

  • Avani Pugazhendhi ’22

    The Impact of COVID-19 on Poverty-Risk
    Advisor: Mo Alloush, assistant professor of economics

  • Carter Steckbeck ’22

    Analysis of Media Portrayal of Computer Use by Gender as part of the larger project “Why Women Don't Code: Media Exposure and Occupational Choice in US Labor Markets”
    Advisor: Emily Conover, associate professor of economics

Environmental Studies

  • Finlay Adamson ’22

    Exploring the Private Immigration Detention Industry Through a Case Study of the Northwest Detention Center
    Advisor: Priya Chandrasekaran, visiting assistant professor of environmental studies

  • Clare Barbato ’22, Chris Inkiow ’22, and Rebecca Ridgway ’21

    The Barriers to and Potential for Natural and Working Lands Carbon Sequestration to Facilitate Effective Climate Action in New York State
    Advisor: Aaron Strong, assistant professor of environmental studies

  • Amy Harff ’21

    Changemakers: Anthology of Thirty Inspirational Female-Identifying Climate Change Leaders
    Advisor: Priya Chandrasekaran, visiting assistant professor of environmental studies

  • Rachel Pike ’21 and Abigail Roller ’21

    Data and tools for assessing the impacts of a changing spring climate in central and northern New York
    Advisor: Heather Kropp, assistant professor of environmental studies


  • Drew Anderson ’21

    The Role of Human Resources Professionals in Organizational Change and Worker Voice & Participation
    Advisor: Joel Winkelman, visiting assistant professor of government

  • Nicole Eisenberg ’21, Diana Perez ’21, Ha Tran ’22, and Gregory Varney ’22

    Militarized Policing and Political Stability
    Advisors: Erica De Bruin, assistant professor of government; Sharon Rivera, professor of government

  • Joel Harper ’21

    Opportunities and Challenges of Open Government Data Initiatives
    Advisor: Alexsia Chan, assistant professor of government

  • Carina Krusell ’22, Matthew McGoey ’21, Sajan Palanki ’21, and Majestic Terhune ’21

    Politics and Policy of COVID
    Advisors: Phil Klinkner, the James S. Sherman Professor of Government; Gbemende Johnson, associate professor of government


  • Joseph Fraser ’21, Charlotte Guterman ’22, Erica Ivins ’21

    Senegal Liberations Project
    Advisor: Rebecca Wall, visiting assistant professor of history

  • Keir Adamson ’22

    Infrastructure and Environmental Justice: Analyzing the Impacts of the Port of Tacoma's LNG Facility on the Puget Sound Community
    Advisor: Rebecca Wall, visiting assistant professor of history

  • Peter Case ’21

    To Preserve or to Eat: an Enviroeconomic Analysis of Outdoor Recreation’s Effects on Indigenous Communities
    Advisor: Maurice Isserman, the Publius Virgilius Rogers Professor of American History

  • Elizabeth Atherton ’22, Philip Chivily ’23, Isabelle Crownhart ’23, and Emma Tomlins ’23

    New World Nature Medicine and Empire in the Early Modern Atlantic World
    Advisor: Mackenzie Cooley, assistant professor of history

Literature and Creative Writing

  • Lucille Kline ’22

    Social Change and the Novel
    Advisor: Suzanne Keen, Dean of Faculty and Professor of Literature and Creative Writing

  • Rachel Lu ’22

    Same-sex Marriage: An Extension of 19th-Century Ideals of Domesticity
    Advisor: Suzanne Taylor, visiting assistant professor of literature


  • Anthony Christiana ’22

    Hyperpop: A Distorted Mirror, Pop and Subversion
    Advisor: Lydia Hamessley, professor of music

  • Jiin Jeong ’21

    Yes, Women Compose!
    Advisor: Heather Buchman, the Carolyn and David M. Ellis ’38 Distinguished Teaching Professor of Music


  • Jiaheng Cai ’21

    The COVID Conundrum for International Students at Hamilton
    Advisor: Barbara Britt-Hysell, director of the English for Speakers of Other Languages Program


  • Honor Allen ’21

    The Power of Awkwardness
    Advisor: Alex Plakias, assistant professor of philosophy

  • Tomas Alvarez-Perez ’22 and Anokhi Manchanda ’22

    Treatment of Incarcerated People with Mental Illness
    Advisor: Katheryn Doran, associate professor of philosophy

  • Cameron Blair ’21, Eliza Jones ’22 and Riley Nichols ’21

    Virtual Philosophy: Deconstructing Power Dynamics and Building Community Through Innovative Pedagogy at the High School Level
    Advisor: Marianne Janack, the John Stewart Kennedy Chair of Philosophy

  • Dorothy Poucher ’21

    Representing the Female Body
    Advisor: Marianne Janack, the John Stewart Kennedy Chair of Philosophy

  • Jo Dine ’22 and Alex Reboredo ’22

    The Philosophical Endeavor of Community-Engaged Teaching
    Advisor: Todd Franklin, professor of philosophy and Africana studies


  • Lily Brackett ’21

    Creative Connections in STEM
    Advisor: Kristen Burson, assistant professor of physics

  • Samantha (Sami) Brown ’22

    The Experiences of Women in STEM: A deep dive into departmental culture
    Advisor: Megan Smith, lecturer in physics


  • Olivia James ’23

    The Effects of Intergroup versus Intragroup Relations in Excessive Use of Force
    Advisor: Patricia Sanchez, visiting assistant professor of psychology

Religious Studies

  • Abigail Moone ’23

    The Perception of the Role of Religion within Homeless Shelters
    Advisor: Jeff McArn, College Chaplain


  • Kahleel Bernard ’23, Shania Kuo ’23, Natalia Reboredo ’24, and Isabel Rutkey ’22

    The Turn toward Racial Social Justice in Mindfulness and Yoga
    Advisor: Jaime Kucinskas, assistant professor of sociology

  • Sadye Bobbette ’21

    Creative Coping
    Advisor: Steve Ellingson, professor of sociology

  • Ashley Garcia ’22, Jahmali Matthews ’22, Hope Medina ’21, and Hannah Peterson ’22

    Schooling Under COVID-19: How Families navigate school and care during a global pandemic
    Advisor: Mahala Stewart, visiting assistant professor of sociology

  • Diamond Jackson ’21

    A Fly in the Buttermilk: The Mental Health of Black Students Attending a Predominately White Institution
    Advisor: Meredith Madden, lecturer in sociology

  • Josten Perez ’22

    The WNBA as a Site of Placemaking
    Advisor: Alex Manning, assistant professor of sociology

  • Katharine (Kat) Roberts ’22

    Hamilton Hookups: A Hoax?
    Advisor: Jaime Kucinskas, assistant professor of sociology

Women’s and Gender Studies

  • Claire Campbell ’22, Juliana De Simone ’21, Carson Goos ’21, and Natalie Halpin ’21

    Assessing the impact of racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, ageism and able-ism on the experience, reporting and remediation of domestic violence and sexual assault, in the time of COVID-19, in our region
    Advisor: Vivyan Adair, professor of women’s and gender studies

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